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Interview With Ernesto Priego From Spain

Interview With Ernesto Priego From Spain

Interview with Ernesto Priego from Spain

You define yourself as an illustrator or as a cartoonist?

Rather, as an illustrator, but with a

hidden desire to explore this

field that is wonderful caricature.


- How was your passion for cartoon?

I got my start in the world of comics,

collaborating with fanzines and often

with humor, that somehow

shake hands.


There was a teacher who influenced your work?

I've always been in love with the work

Vizcarra, but the style of Jota Leal

Although not affect me, I have very





- What is the cartoon for you?

Discover when you draw, you know things him, he does not know it reflects.

- How do you approach a character when to caricature?

I try to know what world moves, which

have hobbies, I like to reflect the side

humorous, though sometimes and

depending on the character, that is

really hard.




- What techniques do you use?

I always used pencil and pen,

but for about 4 years

about computer use in

Specifically photoshop and a tablet

wacom. I know there are those who question this

tool, but I've worked with

all and in my opinion, is nothing more than that,

a tool.




- Do you do many sketches?

Depends on the character, but I was never an artist sketches and

evidence, I guess that's my impatient nature, I usually work in a

quite directly.




- What's all that matters in a cartoon?

Be surprised that caricatured him, stop him and finally discover.

- Do you think the cartoon is a minor art?

I do not know if there is more or less art, but I'm sure it's an art. If a

painter who tries to reflect the warmth of a summer afternoon in a landscape,

is creating art. A cartoonist who tries to reflect the character of a

character with four strokes is also creating art.




- Are there any commercial space for your work in your country?

Scarce at this time, is an envy to see elsewhere in the world

there is always a space in magazines and newspapers

for a caricature. They usually go over to



-There is a long discussion whether the technique definitively replace digital paper or canvas, what do you think of that?

Two tools for the same purpose,

but the results are different and I think

consumer will always love

one or either of the two techniques. The

discussion on this is in my opinion

sterile, some people use the two techniques

interchangeably with results

extraordinary in both, is therefore less

artist in one than in another?. As always

has occurred, the only technology opens new

fields. Nobody complains that the latest

creations of Walt Disney or Pixar

made entirely by computer, and

nobody remembers that cartoonists

worked animations frame by






- How far can you get one cartoonist?

Until your ethical code allows. Of

However, we must agree

in which like charity, laughter

begins at...

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