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Sicartfest Semarang International Cartoon Festival-Indonesia 2020

Sicartfest Semarang International Cartoon Festival-Indonesia 2020 Deadline: Nov. 5, 2020

Theme: Educational Cartoons for COVID-19

A. Definition
1. Submitted cartoon contest works according to the theme “Educational
Cartoons for Covid 19 ”.
2. The jury is a team appointed by the Organizing Committee
Competition and tasked with assessing and determining the winner.
3. Contestants are individuals who meet the requirements
which have been set.
4. Potential winners are Participants who meet the requirements
as much
3 (three) nominations in the Platinum, Gold and winner categories
B. Participant Requirements
1. Open to students (Diploma / Bachelor).
2. Participants are free of registration fees.
3. Participants are required to include a scanned Student Card.
Participants who are selected to become the winner of 3 Category winners
Platinum, 3 Gold winners and 3 Silver winners) are mandatory
fill out & sign the statement with a sign
wet hands on the stamp sent to the Race Committee.
C. General Requirements
1. All works received by the National Cartoon Competition committee
SICART FEST 2020, belongs to the Department Organizer
UNNES fine arts, but copyright still belongs to each of them

2. Cartoon works that are declared as winners legally
belong to both the contestants and the participants
the organizer of the competition, namely the UNNES Department of Fine Arts,
so that the organizer has the right to use it for
all Publication needs without obligation
give royalty to each winner.

3. Works received must be complete following the requirements
already set, if it does not meet the requirements, the work will
disqualified and not included in the assessment.

4. Cartoon competition works must be original and not yet
been contested.

5. Participants must comply with all applicable regulations. When
there is a violation of the applicable rules and regulations,
then the participant must release the Organizer
The competition is the UNNES Department of Fine Arts from all burdens and
responsibility in case of demands from third parties
or the authorities.
D. Administrative and Technical Requirements
1. Each participant can only send 1 picture work
Cartoons with predefined themes.

2. Works for the competition are done using manual, digital,
or combining both on A3 size paper with
black-and-white or full color media.

3. Register by filling in one's personal identity
required by the committee according to the form provided and submit
works by submitting existing cartoon works
scanned in JPEG format at least 1080 p and 300 dpi,
and a 2-minute video (mp4 format) on
website https://sicartfest.unnes.ac.id.

4. Attach a description of the cartoon competition work related to the title,
technique, and participant identity.
5. Attach a scanned student card file.

6.The period for sending the cartoon contest works on the 12th
October 2020 until no later than the 5th
November 2020, at 23.59 WIB.

A. Judging
During the competition, no correspondence is provided.
The decision of the jury cannot be contested.
B. Assessment
The following are the things that are used as guidelines in assessing the work.
1. Submitted cartoon works according to the theme “Educational
Cartoons for Covid 19 "
2. Original work made personally and contains no elements
SARA, Politics, or Pornography.
3. Cartoon works have high quality and creativity based on
on the specified theme.
4. Application of work techniques.
5. The relevance of cartoon works with process video submissions
The visual aesthetics of the cartoon works included in the competition.
6. The cartoon contest work has never been published and submitted
in other competitions than this one.
7. From all entries submitted, 30 finalists will be selected.
Then the winner will be determined for the Platinum, Gold,
C. Determination of Prospective Winners
The determination of the candidate winners shall be carried out by the Jury based on
Platinum category with 9 winners, 3 platinum category
winner, 3 winners in Gold category and Silver category
a total of 3 winners.

Announcement of winners is made on the website:
A. Announcement of Winners
Announcement of winners is published on the website:
https://sicartfest.unnes.ac.idon November 16, 2020.
B. Prize Winner
1. Winners in the Platinum Category will be 3 winners
get cash each of Rp
2. Winners in the Gold Category will be 3 winners
get cash each of Rp.
3. The winner in the Silver Category will be 3 winners
get cash each of Rp.
4. Prize delivery technical via transver bank, for that
each winner will be asked to send no.
Bank account which is determined by the committee.
5. Taxes borne by each winner.
6. The awarding of the prize for the winner is carried out after the winner
send a Statement Letter according to the requirements that have been in
set by the committee.

The determination of the winner by the jury is absolute and not
Semarang, 06 October 2020
Cartoon Competition Committee



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