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ETS-CARTOON-CONTEST-2023/ Poland Deadline: May 15, 2023

Theme: tissue paper

Participation is open to all. Participants will be split into 2 categories:
– students of the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna
– international participants (students and non-students)
Maximum 1 entry per person.
Registration is free of charge.
Entries will be selected by a jury appointed by the organisers of the competition.
The jury will be composed of members of ETS who are also marketing experts and qualified cartoon and illustration artists.
The jury will judge the entries on their artistic and technical quality and on the consistency of the competition theme. The jury’s decision is final.
Two prizes worth € 1000 will be attributed:
– one to a student of the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna
– one to an international participant.
Further smaller prizes may be attributed by ETS based on the marketing value of the submitted entry, up to an additional total of € 1000.

The selected entries will be exhibited at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna at the end of the project. An entry submitted along with no signed application form will not be considered as valid.

By signing the application form, you agree with the full terms and conditions for participating to the contest.
Deadline for submission of entries is 15 May 2023.
The selected entries will be notified via e-mail by 27 May 2023.
In the spirit of facilitating contacts between young comics and illustration artists and the professional market, ETS will promote the winning and selected works with publishers, for possible publication of the material gathered through the competition.
Only original and unpublished entries will be accepted by the jury, in respect with the proposed theme. Cartoons and Illustrations will represent the theme and they should cover the results highlighted by ETS’ scientific studies on hands hygiene and the most relevant aspects
of paper tissue sustainability :studies and extensive discussion at: www.europeantissue.com 

and in particular the page: https://europeantissue.com/sustainability
Entries should meet the following specifications:
– there are no technical limits
– should include 1 llustration for illustration entries and 1 table for comic entries
– the graphic should be complete and should not include any wording.
The electronic version must be sent in PDF, TIFF and JPEG format with a resolution of 300 dpi.
Participants must submit original entries in electronic form.
Participants are also requested to fill in and sign the application form and send it back by e-mail to letiziarostagno.ets@gmail.com.
The application form can be downloaded here: https://europeantissue.com/press-media/cartoon-contests/. Please use File Sharing application.
The students of the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna can refer to Professor Rivelli.

The winning entries and the entries receiving a prize will become property of ETS.
The authors of these entries agree to transfer the intellectual property rights on the submitted artwork to ETS and authorise ETS and its members to use it in its institutional campaigns as well as its informational or educational programmes (such as stickers, posters, internet
messages, videos, etc., promoting the importance of proper hand hygiene, the benefits of the tissue paper category and its sustainability).
ETS is authorized to exhibit and promote the entries by means of any system, channel or method of communication, as well as through the internet,nationally or internationally, without incurring a fee payable to the artist (or the organisation he/she represents).
The entries will not be used for the commercial purposes of specific brands of tissue paper products.
ETS shall not transfer, license or rent the specific rights of the entries in view of commercial usage by other insititutions, companies or individual persons without the prior written consent by the author.

The participants, by completing the attached form claim to be the sole author of the submitted entries and guarantee that the entry itself is original and solely the result of their creative work, thus exonerating ETS from any liability towards third parties or from any claim of plagiarism, imitation or ownership claims. The authors of the entries receiving a prize agree to transfer the intellectual property rights of their entry to ETS. The entry is subject to the non-commercial usage clause as defined under the Terms and Conditions section above and
to the moral right of the author (under Italian Law 633/1941 and subsequent amendments).
In case of partial usage of the entry, the recognition and traceability to the original has to be safeguarded. 

Fill in and deliver as instructed on the notice (please use capital letters)
For filling please click here



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