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CALL FOR APILA´S FIRST PRINTING AWARD 2020 Deadline: Feb. 14, 2020

Theme: children’s picture books



To promote the production of children’s picture books, illustrated by illustrators with no

previous published works.


Apila Ediciones in collaboration with the High School of Design of Aragón and School of

Arts in Zaragoza and with the support of its Town Hall, announces “Apila’s 2019 First

Printing Award” (Pemio Apila primera Impresión 2020). This is an international illustrated picture book contest to promote creativity and enrich children’s literature with an

educational scope.

1ª There are no restrictions on the nationality of the participants nor the number of

projects presented. To qualify, It is imperative that the illustrator has never had titles

published before (with ISBN) and, that, until the end of the term of admission of the projects - at the exception of illustrators having self-published (by themselves with ISBN,

not through an ediorial). In case the Work is shared between an author and illustrator,

the condition to not having been published before only applies to the illustrator. Additionally, the Works presented should be free of any obligations with other parties.

2ª The presentations have to be written in Spanish and could be either original tales or

adaptations from tales with free copyright.

3ª The award will consist of a professional contract with Apila Editions for the publication of the selected work in which the payment to the authors will be of € 4.000 (equivalent of 10% of author royalties on the value of the first print run)

If the royalties of the enterprise are shared between the writer and the illustrator on

equal terms, the percentage of 10% will be shared between the two as previusly agreed

by both parties.

4ª The award will be granted to the overall project.

5ª The projects will have to adhere to set dimentions of 24 cm wide by 22 cm tall per

page or proportional to it and may not exceed 36 pages (18 double pages) with legal

pages and endpapers included, covers aside.

6ª To avoid shipping costs, contestants must submit the work electronically and the

following information to apilaediciones@gmail.com. The heading should consist of ,


A. A file in PDF form ( max 10M) of the finished book, or in its absence thereof, the

storyboard of the book with a minimum of five finished double pages and the rest

sketched. This files must be titled with the last name followed by the first name and


B. A file in WORD indicating, E mail address, nationality, postal adress, telephone

number and website is optional. Also, it would be recomended to include any social

media sites the illustrator might have (Facebook, blog or any other profile.) The file

must be named indicating the last name and name of the illustrator ended with the


7ª A jury will be appointed by the Aragón High School of Design which will consist of a

member from Apila Editions, a Professor from The School of Artistic Design and Colour

Speciality, a Professor of Art School of Zaragoza and Fernando Garcia Grúas (member

of the Aragonese Council of artistic teaching) The jury will resolve any possible issues

which may not have been covered by the points mentioned above. Please note that works not following the rules mentioned above will not be considered and the Jury has the

power to invalidate the award if necessary.

The deadline for the submission of applications is February 14th, 2020 (inclusive)

8ª The final judgement andpresentation of the award will take place in March

2020. The result will appear on www.apilaediciones.com and also on www.facebook.

com/apila. ediciones. The awarded contestant will have to commit to complete all

illustrations before the 1st of September 2020. Apila Editions will publish the awarded

work within a year. It will be clearly mentioned, on the cover of the book that the

published work has been awarded “Premio Apila Primera Impresion”.

9ª Apila Editions reserves the right to exhibit a selection of the presented projects

within the High School of Desing and School of Arts program of exhibitions.

10ª To participate in this context implies the understanding and full acceptance of the

above mentioned rules

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