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16th International Comic and Cartoon Festival Competition 2019

16th International Comic and Cartoon Festival Competition 2019 Deadline: Sept. 15, 2019

Theme: Theme: Idealist, & Free

Open Call for the 16th edition of International Comics and Cartoon Festival Competition in Kosovo "Idealist"

Prizren, Kosovo, 10 - 13 O)ctober 2019

Terms And Conditions Of Competition

1.1- Theme: "Idealist"

1.2- Second Theme: "Free"

2. Participation:

2.1- Right to participante at this contest have any author worldwide, regardiess of gender age, nationality or occupation.

3- Conditions:

3.1- You need to send us at least 1 (one) up till 3 (three) Cartoons. (If you decide to send your works via e-mail, minimum resolution for scanned caricature is 300 dpi).

3.2- Cartoons can be work from one or few artists.

3.3- Cartoons can be in black and white technique or in color.

3.4- Along with the cartoon, should also be sent;

- Autobiography,

- One photo,

- Contact details,

- Year of creation of  caricature or comics,

- Did you applied before in other competitions,

- Have you ever won any prize at other festivals,

- Similar works will not be accepted and you will be disqualified,

- In all cartoons should be signed with artist name,

- Withhout above mentioned details works (cartoons) will not be considered valid.

4- Deadline

4.1- Cartoons should be sent up till 20th of September 2019,

5- Date of the Festival

5.1- The festival will be held from 10th - 13th October, 2019 in Prizren, kosovo.

6- Address

6.1- 16th edition of International Comic and cartoon Festival Competition in Kosovo "Idealist"

6.2- Kosovar Cartoon and Comics Association: Xhennet

6.3- Address:

Xhemil Doda #3,

2000, Prizren,


6.4- Mob: +383 44 288 791

6.5- E-mail: xhennetcomics@gmail.com

6.6- For more information: http://xhennetcomics.blogspot.com


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