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Winners of the International Cartoon Festival “Kindness”, Razavi -Iran 2023

Winners of the International Cartoon Festival “Kindness”, Razavi -Iran 2023

In the first period of the cartoon competition, which is considered as a language understandable for everyone in the world due to the capabilities of this visual language, we decided to present the call for this competition internationally.
In this competition, we witnessed the participation of artists and intellectuals from 51 countries of the world. Among them, Iranian artists with 81 people took the highest number, then China with 28 people and Turkey with 25 people were in the next positions. Also, Brazil with 17 people and Indonesia with 15 people participated in this event.
The works received by the secretariat were evaluated and judged by the judges of the competition in several sections. First of all, the artists of the world with different cultures had a lot in common. The beautiful category of kindness due to the nature that has been deposited in the human being by the Almighty God was examined in this great artistic event. At the same time, paying attention to the technical points, we saw different forms of presenting works in this artistic field, which doubled the ability to express the concept by using the element of humor.
The secretariat of the first international cartoon contest with the theme of kindness, while thanking all the participating artists from all over the world and their praiseworthy role in creating original and attractive images and considering the outstanding values of about seven hundred and fifty works submitted by 355 artists from 51 Considering the limited capacity of the exhibition, the country considered 15 works to be worthy of participation in the exhibition and selected six of them as flagship works and selected three works as the first to third works and three works also considered worthy of recognition.
First to third place:

1st place: Baqer Hemmati won cultural-artistic souvenirs, certificate of appreciation, festival statuette and cash prize equal to 500 dollars.

2nd place: Tawan Chundera from Thailand won the cultural-artistic souvenir, certificate of appreciation, statuette of the festival and cash prize of 375 dollars.

Third place: Alireza Pakdel, winner of cultural-artistic souvenirs, certificate of appreciation, statue of the festival, cash prize equal to 250 dollars

Honorable Mention:

Mr. Ivan Lira from Venezuela

Mrs. Isabella Kowalska from Poland

Vyacheslav Kaperliants from Ukraine


Muzaffar Yulchiboev-Uzbakistan 

Saeed Sadeghi-Iran

Mahmood Nazari-Iran

Mohammadali Khalaji-Iran

Salar Eshratkhah-Iran

Luk Swerts-Belgium

Jaber Asadi-Iran

Hamed Mortazavi Alavi-Iran

Lele Corvi-Italy

Jury members:

Seyyed Masoud Shojaei Tabatabai 

Mohammad Reza Dost Mohammadi
Gilmar -Brazil

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