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Winners | International Cartoon Contest Caneva Ride 2020, Italy

Winners | International Cartoon Contest Caneva Ride 2020, Italy

The seventh edition of the international Caneva Ride! 2020 competition, Toni Zampol Prize for humorous and satirical cartoons on the theme "Making mistakes, one learns" saw the participation of347 authors, representing57 nations for 728 works submitted.

It is the greatest world competition in this particular segment of the world of satire, the continuous growth of participants confirms it.

Interesting developments of the theme in competition for about thirty types ranging from the reinterpretation of the myth of flight, to the fable like that of the 3 little pigs, to the theme of pollution, Noah, Adam and Eve, mice and traps, erasing errors, etc. etc..

As always, the interpretations from a stylistic point of view are interesting, ranging from the humorous cartoon, to the graphic exercise, to the comic strip, to the digital image.

The tried and tested jury composed of Pietro Francesco Manfè Pro Castello Caneva, Mario Zorzetto Eredi Toni Zampol, Vincenzo Bottecchia Cultural operator of comics, Giancarlo Rupolo Photographer, was able to count on the important presidency of Luca Salvagno, appreciated comic book author and heir of the master Jacovitti.

Here are the winners

1st prize to Oleg Gutsol,
for having created, with a fresh style, a clever graphic and chromatic synthesis, a fun and instantly understandable image. The essential to fully enjoy the basic idea, which is full of ideas in addition to the central one of the "tools / results" balance. Everyone in the cartoon shares the desire to improve. With much humanity we laugh at the situation, not at the protagonists.

2nd prize to Hashemi Mahshid,
for the communicative power, the result of a coordinated and highly effective graphic and conceptual synthesis. Having chosen to "cool" the visual elements by reducing them to iconic symbols allowed the author not to make a caricature of the condition of learning on the "mountain" of mistakes made. Indeed, by clarifying that mistakes can be built on a positive rise. He gives us a sympathetic and optimistic smile!

3rd prize to Kustovsky Olesksiy,
for having, with originality, transformed the error itself into "teaching". The style is mature, well composed, capable of lightness. An excellent didactic irony squared, proposes to give "usefulness" to one's mistakes by transforming them into calm suggestions for others. Specifically to those who, by age, have accumulated less; exactly a school of life. The resulting smile is serene despite everything.

Given the amount of works presented, the following have been reported and will be present in the exhibition that will circulate later:

Adivael Silva, Afradi Mehdi, Agustus Wdodo, Alexander Dubovsky, Ali Miraee, Alisson Affonso,
Angelo Campaner, Biondi Enrico, Butolia Rashi, Cai Wei Dong, Costa Alessandra, Cristina Bernazzani, Croce Stefano, David Hafez, Diggelmann Ismael Ricardo, Doru Axinte, Ebrahimi Mohsen, Elena Vitti, Enrico Damiano, Evgenii Merkurev, Hamid Ghalijari, Indriyanto Agus, Izabela Kowalska Wieczorek, Jitet Kustana, Khushi Baranwal the youngest participant, Kostya Gornovoy, Liviu Stanila, Miro Stefanović, Musa Gumus, Roselli Alessia, Saeed Sadeghi, Saverio Rosselli, Serpilhr Kar, Sokolov Sergey, Spiro Radhalraovic, Tayili Chuntili , Tessarolo Sergio, Vladimír Pavlík, Zordan Daniele.

Among these it should be noted that the Ural Cartoon Club Cranberry humor lovers club from Russia and the youngest participant in the competition of Indian nationality are present.

Sacile 27 August Bottecchia Vincenzo


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