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Results from the competition "I, Itar Pejo"

Results from the competition "I, Itar Pejo"

1st place - gold plaque, gold statuette Itar Pejo, cash prize of 300 euros - Luc Descheemaeker - Belgium.

2nd place - Silver plaque, silver statuette Itar Pejo, cash prize of 200 euros - Ray Costa, Brazil. 

3rd place - Bronze plaque, bronze statuette Itar Pejo, cash prize of 100 euros - Rasoul Haijzadeh, Iran.

Special prizes - diplomas for special success of the competition

Marko Ivic, Croatia

Blaze Dokuleski, Macedonia

Maja Cholakova, Bulgaria

Edi Dharma, Indonesia

Katie Radevska, Macedonia

Sudarmanto Bogel, Indonesia

Cocho Peev, Bulgaria

Serpil Kar, Turkey

Awarded in the category of aphorisms

1st place - gold plaque, gold statuette Itar Pejo, cash prize of 300 euros - Slobodan Simic, Serbia.

2nd place - Silver plaque, silver statuette Itar Pejo, cash prize of 200 euros - Ninus Nestorovic, Serbia.

3rd place - Bronze plaque, bronze statuette Itar Pejo, cash prize of 100 euros - Milan Kuridza, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Special prizes - diplomas for special success of the competition

Vlado Vlahovi,, Montenegro

Miroslav Sterjovski, Macedonia

Arkady Davidovich, Russia

Jovo Nikolic, Republika Srpska

Marjan Angelovski, Macedonia

Deana Sailovi,, Serbia

Maja Cekova, Bulgaria

Dear participants,

The collaborating team of the Institute of Culture and Arts at the International Slavic University "Gavrilo Romanovich Derzhavin" - Sveti Nikole has the great honor and pleasure to thank you publicly for your participation in the Second International CARICATURE COMPETITION I "AFORI": and a free theme that opened July 15 and lasted until September 30, 2020.

The aim of the competition was to stimulate artistic creation and to provide a platform where people can freely express their opinions through cartoons and aphorisms. The competition received 253 cartoons, aphorisms by 63 authors and 158 cartoons in children's and youth competition.

To participate in this type of international competition, second in a row at our Institute is more than knowledge and opportunity to express the art form, because in the basis of aphorisms and caricature we recognize a different type of art that although it seems like art that has a special and developed language, yet in the background there is a strong cry to all stakeholders of the modernity we live in.

The great interest and the need to emphasize the message you sent to all of us once again confirmed that young people are an inexhaustible source of ideas and their courage to emphasize the invisible, the apparent which encouraged us to give them a special place and opportunity to take part. in (Children and youth competition), for which we additionally allocated funds for awarded works.

The large number of works of art that arrived not only from our country, but also from many countries around the world only confirmed our hunger for artistic creation, and the desire to express the "man" of different age groups with their own special language with complete freedom and autonomy. , imagination, spontaneity, creativity.

We all know that art contains many psychological roots of things related to our reality. The new reality that we "live" for several months due to the pandemic caused by KOVID-19 in a way many turned into a "time for art" that contributed to the opportunity to encourage creative thinking, finding "new talent", and works that deep inside as to emphasize consciousness (personal, collective, universal). But we managed to motivate and inspire you this time as well - everything survived, experienced, or the fear of "tomorrow", with all the positive and negative elements of the inner feeling and corresponding to the outside of man, with all his character traits,

Why the topic "I - Itar Pejo? Right at this moment, aware that the focus of one of the most humorous characters in this area will take you to a relaxing state and for a moment will make you smile, remind you of your childhood, of your values ​​that kept you in time and storm with all the repercussions. of life.

Of course, the free theme was of great importance because of the challenge we expected from your works of art through such artistic forms of expression.

The works we received are of particular importance to the general public because they show us the reality through your thought, wittily expressed, which contains irony, sarcasm, global paradox, a twist to point out the meaningful point, as well as an attempt through your creativity. to awaken in the "man" again the natural need for jokes and laughter, but at the same time you give us the opportunity to see the key role for the intellectual development of our predecessors, as well as for our contemporaries, so that we can see them most realistically, or , we discover all those elements that do not fit into the social currents, the elements of chaos, disorder, and through irony, sarcasm and appropriate wit without vulgarity to send us the inner cry for the NLA that we live, or all of us survive in an appropriate way.

You, dear participants, have given yourself, you have given us, and you have given to the whole public works that are part of your commitment, your thought, your wit, your talent that may be an indicator for many to see (me) things (after) clearly and so that the biggest psychological projects can be guessed - Personality and Community, through your feelings as a creator who creates this type of artwork.The commission that is in charge of perceiving, determining and detecting the works as a totality in all aspects important in order to select the best and most complex works is put in front of a difficult act. The commission in the period from November 10-20 had a great honor and pleasure to evaluate the works and on November 30 to announce the information about the awarded works:


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