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Jury members’ statement about a controversial subject

Jury members’ statement about a controversial subject

In the name of God

The statement of jury members of “Palestine is not Alone”

Cartoon and caricature festivals provide good opportunities to discover the artists’ talents and to express views and opinions about different subjects using the influential language of art.

Now, the art of Iranian cartoonists and caricaturists has a very high status in the world, and this situation has been achieved through Iranian artists’ efforts, and high skills and participation in international festivals, as well as the efforts of directors to hold various festivals.

Unfortunately, after being informed that he did not win, Mr. Arash Foroughi, wrote in a post: "He is resigning because the jury members are not famous cartoonists." This is not an ethical and professional behavior due to the following reasons:

- By participating in a contest, the participant will accept the rules, and the participant has no authority to appoint the jury members.

- This action (after announcement of the results) will cause deviation of thoughts about the contest, so that future festivals will be under pressure, that they may face such a controversy if participants do not win, so this behavior is not professional.

It is worth to mention that he has won the first prize (seven thousand dollars) in the International Holocaust Contest, in which none of the jury members were famous.

- Many festivals are held in the world and jury members are able to determine the best works created by famous artists due to their experience and technical information. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Luis Fernandez, one of the most prominent cartoonists from Brazil, was a jury member in this contest!

- The basis of festivals is competition, friendship and being together, and sharing ideas with the language of art. To win an award should not cause schism, enmity, jealousy and arrogance. The works selected after discussion and through votes. A work that does not receive enough votes will be removed and this is the rule of all festivals. The selection of jury members is based on their resume’, how they selected artworks in previous festivals, their knowledge and abilities, and power of logical reasoning.

- Due to the limitation of winners in a festival, it is clear that all works of high quality do not receive prize. Therefore, this is not a legitimate and correct behavior.

- We kindly advise some artists not to repeat this kind of reaction, because the organizers of future festivals may not allow their participation.

Ultimately, we hope that the cartoon and caricature festivals will continue to be lively and friendly, and not to be engaged in controversial subject.


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