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The caricatures in the time of corona

The caricatures in the time of corona

The caricature in the time of corona

Major Khalil

Events and facts ask some questions, and the answer may lose its impact due to different views and ideas and their conflicts, ideas generate from generation to generation in the progress of human beings; despite all the analysis and perceptions, the eye of the cartoonist remains in Continuous focus of capturing, backgrounds and vocabulary, and expressing the reality that has become more ironic than expressing ridicule. This is why a cartoonist lives a very quality state in his society, a rare intelligent person, as someone says, has made his imagination a movie screening machine that shows everything to the brain with a completely different perspective than what people see.

Because he lives in a human society that watches and sees what's going on with others, the positive and negative views are captured and presented to people in a way that pushes them to review, scrutinize, and perhaps turn away from their thoughts.

Every artist has his own vision based on pure self-factors in his understanding of the topic, serious follow-up and lifestyle factors contribute to strengthening the role of the educational painter away from the teacher, and relying on solid artistic foundations that contribute to creating a unique personality and an independent vision that the painter volunteered in it He has his emoji tools to reserve himself and his person a place in society.

In light of the events racing the scorpions of their times.. the cartoonists expressed loose views of the ′′ coronavirus ′′ pandemic and highlighted it on a warning and interesting journey as well.

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