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Satyrykon By Florian Doru Crihana-Romania

Satyrykon By Florian Doru Crihana-Romania

Florian Doru Crihana - LEGNICA Satirical Impressions

Albums: Florian Doru Crihana - LEGNICA Satirical Impressions
40 Cartoons
Unusual works about our Satyrykon in Poland, seen through the eyes of a genius artist, could be admired for the first time at poland.

The exhibition delighted the audience so much that it was repeated at the Satyrykon Gallery and two calendars with Crihana's paintings were issued. One published the city, the other - for Satyrykon - the Legnica Culture Center. Any Legnica girl who has never seen Crihana's work just has to see it!

Those who have already seen the exhibition will probably watch the satirical impressions about Legnica one more time.

The artist has made a real masterpiece. He came to our city many times, watched them in detail, talked with people, documented. And he created a series of works from which it is simply difficult to break away! And let's add that Crihana is a world-renowned artist and Legnica found itself in a truly prestigious group of cities "illustrated" by him - previously they were, among others Venice, Paris or Athens. However, in other cities, Crihana focused on the impressions of the symbol of the place - e.g. in Venice they were canals, in Paris the Eiffel Tower. And Legnica was the first to impress many places and buildings. Their common denominator has become the extraordinary history of our city. The artist refers to our Satiricon, during which he was awarded many times and had his exhibitions here. Florian just likes Legnica very much, and we are proud that he agreed to perform satirical impressions about our city that are breathtaking!

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