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Pepe Pelayo exhibits his humorous collages in Portugal

Pepe Pelayo exhibits his humorous collages in Portugal

15th Cartoon Party in Lousa, Portugal, in which Pepe Pelayo participates

The writer, actor and collaborator of MUNDIARIO is invited by the curator and humor researcher, Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa, to participate with his show "Fhotochístesis", at the Lousã Circus Museum, as part of the 15th Cartoon Festival.

Since I appreciated Pelayo's first humorous photomontages , I knew that his work was a valuable experiment in graphic design, with a critical and original look and that he would go far for his creative contribution. Now his collages have already arrived for the first time in Europe, specifically in Portugal, after his exhibition at the Miami Dade College, with the Humor Project, and at the Emporium Gallery, in the United States, and at the Neruda Museum, in Isla Negra, Chile.

Known for his work as a writer of children's literature, comedian, teacher and promoter of reading through humor in schools in Chile, where he lives, Pepe Pelayo, this Cuban civil engineer, demonstrates with his collages that his creative talent has no limits, and that before his inability to draw, he prefers to assemble graphic elements in a montage, with the help of PhotoShop, achieving a unified whole, where he once again shows how humor is a destroyer of stereotypes, and a coach of the mind.

“The Cuban-Chilean artist Pepe Pelayo - expresses the Portuguese Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa - is an aesthetic builder who breathes humor through all his pores, so he addresses this essential way of philosophizing about life, through all creative genres. By deconstructing the various images, he recreates allegorical, parodic and satirical ideas. ”

“Achieving a high level - adds - communication quality, requires, first, a good technical domain; second, have a lot of creativity and third, a humorous vision of life. Pepe Pelayo has all this, so he is triumphing for the first time with this new language. The fact that they are images without text forces us not only to look, but essentially to see, stop and think about what is behind the creative idea that deconstructed the images, in the rebirth of a comic vision. ”


High / Pepe Pelayo

“As I have been trying - underlines - to explore the photographic humor for a long time in the events that I produce in Portugal, I took advantage of the happy temporary coincidence of Pepe's arrival in Lousã, so that his work participated in the 15th Cartoon Festival ( celebrating 30 years of complicity between my productions and the Cooperative 'Trevim') and I included his exhibition in this calendar of events. 33 photomontages are exhibited, some more comical, others more satirical or ironic, but all with a deep look on everyday life. ”


Brands consumed / Pepe Pelayo

“Lousã (in the center of the country, near the city of Coimbra) - he explains - is a land accustomed to humor, because the newspaper« Trevim »has organized exhibitions, events and cartoon parties for 30 years This exhibition opens a small festival in a mood that will feature seven exhibitions in total, in different places, including a live cartoons session. This is our contribution to spread and build daily smiles in an increasingly gray society of consumerism, economicism and materialism. We advocate dialectical humor. ”


Therapy group / Pepe Pelayo

“The essence and importance of humor - ratifies Macedo de Sousa - is knowing how to appreciate every moment of life with awareness, and developing critical skills with optimism Knowing how to laugh at our failures and mistakes and knowing how to laugh with others, about all the negative aspects and positive society. This exhibition of Cuban-Chilean Pepe Pelayo, like all others, is just another contribution to make us more philosophical and less amorphous, brighter and not so gray in everyday life. ”


European Union / Pepe Pelayo

The inauguration of the “Photochisthesis” exhibition of Pepe Pelayo, held at the Circus Museum, was attended by: Henriqueta Oliveira, councilor for culture of the municipality of Lousã, the President of “Trevim”, the Portuguese cartoonists Ricardo Ferreira, Agostinho Pereira, and Zé Oliveira; also Eva Cabral and Detlef Scafft (the 'Marimbondo', museum owners and circus artists), and Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa, among other personalities.

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