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Analysis of sergei semendyaev's cartoon; art & consciousness

Analysis of sergei semendyaev's cartoon; art & consciousness

Amir-mansiur Rahimyan analyzed an artwork by sergei semendyaev, and mentioned the artist' consciousness, will result in an artwork thtat can increase the audiences' consciousness too.


" An expressionist painter cannot expect one who has not studied art to be able to understand what s/he means unless the artist present at the exhibition or where s/he has shown the work and explains the work. Eventhough, the audience does not understand much and thinks that the painter has made explanations in order to sell his work or make a logical explanation for his it. This rule also applies to any other artwork.

An artist who creates a work according to the specific cultural roots, cannot expect people of an other cultures understand the concept. They may understand it technically, but not conceptually understandable to them. This can be seen in the jokes of other parts of the world. A joke that is very funny to our people, might be confusing for others.

Due to the extended audiences of cartoons and caricatures, these should be able to communicate with any person with any level of information and in any language. Simply, the art of the cartoonist is that they tell a joke that can be understood by anyone around the world. For this purpose, he has to use signs and other features in a simple way that all people can get the meaning. It is by observing these points that a work can communicate with a wide range of people of different languages, cultures and literacy. It may seem difficult, but it can be done through study and awareness. When the artist's awareness increases, he will undoubtedly add to the level of awareness of his audiences too; Something that sergei semendyaev has done.

To convey this concept, he has used items familiar to all people of the world. The piano as a symbol of art, the pianist as an artist, and the book as knowledge.

It conveys the meaning in a soft way. The items are combined in such a way that one might think these would be the same in a real world. A closed keyboard that shows no one is going to play the Piano. he has done the first combination by changing the music note with the book.  A musician sits with the same awe and clothes and does nothing but study. He performs the second composition and depicts someone dressed like a musician, away from the piano and studying; Books arranged on the back of the piano.

The cartoonist performs the last combination and replaces the piano strings with the book. He knows exactly how to say what he wants to his audiences. By combining these few simple elements, he achieves a great meaning and conveys his meaning. 

‘A real artist does nothing without studying, and art without consciousness is dumb and silent.’ sergei semendyaev has refused from using other elements in order not to hurt the concept he wants to convey to the audiences. The white background is a witness to this claim. ‘It is like a traffic sign that speaks of a definite law.’

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