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Visual memoirs / Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Fatemi

Visual memoirs / Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Fatemi

"Like many other artists, my work is divided into two general parts: the first group of works that are related to my personal life and my inner life, and in general, their artistic dimension is a priority for me. These things make me feel free and I do them the way I like without answering to anyone; Many of them show my existence and the feeling of that moment of my life in a taxi, subway or military turret or in any situation you can think of; I call them visual memoirs and I do not insist on performing them and they usually stay in the same state forever! Maybe it's because re-performing them makes the lines feel bad.

These things usually do not take much time, from 20 minutes to an hour (depending on the situation I am in) Another reason I do not believe in a specific place and ideal conditions is that this type of life is more real to me and makes the moment of My audience will react. In the subway, people have gathered around me many times and watched me work, this makes me very happy.
Of course, in the case of this group of things, sometimes I do them digitally, but again, I pay attention to the feelings of that moment. My digital work usually takes about an hour, and I do most of it in Photoshop and Corel Pinter.

But the second group is the professional part of my work, which usually has a client either in the field of publishing (illustration for magazines and books for teenage children) or for advertising companies (design of advertising characters, comic strips and storyboards for advertising teasers) and the final part of stage design. And clothes for the theater.
Most of my activities in my artistic life have taken place in these areas.

Regarding the formation of my ideas, I must say that I usually take them from the events around me. I have always been fascinated by people and their characters. Another method I use to get ideas is music, any good music full of attractive images is just enough to learn how to enter their imaginary space.
Influence many artists in my life, not all of them in the visual arts, but help me a lot with their art, such as: Syd Burt (Pink Floyd), Arcave Group, Tom York, Frank Frazeta, Ashley Wood, Egon Schill, Bob Dylan, Hamid Bahrami, Van Gogh And David Hackney .. »

Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Fatemi Nasab, born in 1983 and a master's degree student in illustration at Tehran University of Arts and Architecture.


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