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An interview with Alireza Zakeri

An interview with Alireza Zakeri

Zakeri is a painter, cartoonist and designer who was born in Iran in 1968. He started his work professionally as a painter and calligrapher in 1983. He was taught painting and designing by “Hadi Taghizadeh” for a decade. His first solo exhibition was held in Mashhad and the theme was "Social Documentary Photography".

In the late 60's, he turned to caricature and  started working in the field of editorial cartoons as an editor and graphist of Quds newspaper in 1993. He has written some articles about caricature and illustrated several books…

Fars News Agency invited him to join their team and he made a team of caricaturists there. They were active till 2019. 

He was  a jury member of national and international festivals such as The International Festival of Cartoon Books, Evil Verses, Wall Street, etc.

Among the latest awards that Zakeri has received, we can mention the Golden Touba Award from the 9th Fajr Visual Arts Festival in 2016, the Golden Award and Medal in the painting section of the 5th Resistance Art Festival in 2018, and was selected and honored in the 2nd Trumpism cartoon contest.

Zakeri believes that visual artists must have expertise in various fields of art in order to be able to create visual works and have new artistic styles! Zakeri, in addition to his professional activity in painting, has studied graphic, design, photography, illustration, calligraphy and other visual arts for many years. He also has written some poems.

In 2012, Zakeri received the 2nd degree artistic award from the Ministry of culture. The assemblage of "Cry in the Wind" with the theme of Holy Defense is one of the most important works by Zakeri. In 1999 he resumed painting after 10 years.

What was the first cartoon you created?

A man with his tie patched and a man that his foot was patched.

What was your first artwork?

A painting in oil on chipboard in 1959 at the age of 12.

What was your first award?

The first prize of the Red Crescent youth of the country competition (Tehran)

 And the last one?

The 3rd prize of the 2nd Cartoon Magazine competition.

What do you think about the inevitable similarities in artworks?

You have to learn the technique of avoiding similarities, I know it!

What do you think of plagiarism?

Most scientists accomplish the previous one. It is clear who has done plagiarism.

Who do you think is the best Iranian cartoonist?

Someone who is good at creating cartoon and makes progression in his work every day! And he is also a good person.

I really cannot name one artist! There are five cartoonists who create amazing works! There are some young artists who are amazing and has received awards.

Who do you think is the best foreign cartoonist?

Brad Holland and Zlatkovsky

The best cartoon you've ever seen?

A work by Zlatkovsky

How much do you spend on a work?

As much as it is necessary! A good idea deserves a good performance.

Which tools and techniques do you utilize?

Every technique and tools that I am skilled at.

Which software do you use?


Do you have any suggestion or piece of advice for your colleagues?

Keep reading and make improvement.

What do you think of caricature in the world of art?

Artists work on caricature less than other types of art. And it is going to fade away.

Your best work?

There is no artist who is not satisfied with their works! But my best works are never understood at all. Unfortunately, the criterion for selection and awards is the artist himself, not his work!

 Have you ever drawn an urgent cartoon?


 If you were born again, what job would you choose?

Maybe a filmmaker.

When was your last exhibition?

Hozeh Honari, November, 2021, “digital painting exhibition”

Who is your favorite artist?

Jackson Pollack, an Abstract Expressionist Painter and my master.

 What was the last book you read?

I read mostly spiritual books.

Do you think humor is teachable?

No, it is not teachable. But it can be developed.

What was the theme of your last cartoon?


 What is your opinion about Iran Cartoon website?

Irancartoon is a good reference for Iranian cartoonists and caricaturists! I hope it will continue.

 Some of Alireza Zakeri's works are as follows:



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