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An exhibition of works by Jitet Kustana

An exhibition of works by Jitet Kustana

Indian Institute of Cartoonists is organising an exhibition of works of a well known Indonesian cartoonist Mr. Jitet Kustana from 3rd April 2021 at the cartoon gallery.

Jitet Kustana was born in 1967 in Semarang (Java - Indonesia) and undoubtedly the best known and most renowned cartoonist of his country.   His very first cartoon was sent to a local cartoon contest in 1987: a poor mother who tried  to feed her starving child.

However, the cartoon was not accepted by the censorship that prevailed in Indonesia at that time under Gen. Suharto. Later that year however his first work was published in a local newspaper Suara Merdeka. Several other magazines and newspapers followed, until he found a place in the national Indonesian newspaper 'Kompas National Daily'.

Jitet has lots of experience in cartoon art, after 30 years of drawing cartoons this is the way he will continue to walk. He  is the founder of the Indonesian Gold Pencil Foundation. Actively participating in international cartoon exhibitions and contests. He is also included in the Jury    on international cartoon contests held in a number of countries. Jitet is an accomplished cartoonist who holds the MURI record with the most international cartoon awards.

Jitet has already collected more than 200 international awards.

Jitet Kustana’s 80 of the selected best cartoons are displayed at the gallery.


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