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Abolfazl Rafiee exhibition in Seyhoun Art Gallery

Abolfazl Rafiee exhibition in Seyhoun Art Gallery

The blackness and whiteness of the heavy and painful forms narrate a story of people’s grief, confusion and divagation; people, who have a history of thousands of years of pride and pain, and a fog of doubt and smoke of fear ahead. From about the apprehension of Tatar’s plunder to the remorse for the burned alleyways of poetry they whimper. They are the habitants of lamentation.

I am a resident of lamentation! The earth became too round and insecure for the homes, which were separating it from the sky. I got lost in between the times with my head full of the sounds of the mooing cows in the storm.

I … we, the inheritors of fear and fright, are in the places of placelessness and in the times of timelessness with our minds being windows, from which half burned curtains are hung and that are toward the icon of Iran and the sounds of cows tearing their larynxes up.

Seyhoun Art Gallery

11, 4th st., Vozara Ave. Tehran 1511717991 Iran

Tel : +98 21 88 71 13 05

Friday June 28 2019 4-8 pm

Until July 10, 11 am to 7 pm

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