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The First International IT Cartoon Competition-UK

The First International IT Cartoon Competition-UK Deadline: July 20, 2021

Theme: IT & Technology challenges for businesses

Exclusive International Cartoon Contest - TechVertu /UK
There is no doubt that IT and Technology have dramatically transformed our personal and professional life. Businesses are highly dependent on IT, and they must stay updated with the  latest technologies to ensure their future growth. In addition, the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the vital role that IT plays for us in such an environment to stay  connected and do business as usual.  
This transformation, on the other hand, presents a wide range of new issues to businesses worldwide. Challenges such as  Data security, Cybersecurity Threats, Data Backup & Recovery, Remote Work & Remote meetings, Work from home & Efficiency, Internet
Connection & Speed, Go-Paperless, Spam emails & phishing, Online violence, and Mobile phone connections are only a few examples of this endless list of issues.
TechVertu, as a professional IT and Tech consultancy firm in the UK, has decided to raise public awareness concerning these challenges by sponsoring and organising an exclusive cartoon contest between a selected number of international artists across the globe.   
The following are the terms and conditions to participate in TechVertu's First Exclusive Cartoon Contest:   
• The title of this competition for cartoons is "IT & Technology challenges for
• The invitation will be sent to a selected number of artists by email.
• Interested candidates need to send their Expression of Interest (EOI) by responding to
the invitation Email no later than Ten working days after receiving the invitation email.

Prizes & Jury
• Prizes for the 1st
TechVertu Cartoon Contest are as follow:
1st prize: £700.00
2nd prize: £500.00
3rd prize: £300.00.
• An independent jury consists of the following professional cartoonists will determine the winners.
 Mr. Marco De Angelis from Italy. Winner of the Golden Palm in Bordighera '97, two prizes of the Council of Europe, and other 90 international prizes
(Istanbul, Tehran, Tokyo, Skopje, Montreal, Krusevac, Olen, Ferrara, etc.).  
Mr. Hicabi Demirci from Turkey. Hicabi has been given awards in various national and international cartoon competitions.
Mr. Saman Torabi from Iran. Saman has awarded more than 20 prizes from different international cartoon contests.
Submission Deadline & Requirements
• Please send your works by email to Mr. Amir Ghoreishi  at TechVertu Ltd:  amir.ghoreishi@techvertu.co.uk
• The deadline for sending the works is the 20 July 2021.
• The email's subject should be "1st TV Cartoons Contest,"
• Each participant can send in up to 5 cartoons.
• The work must be original. Any captions must be in English only.
• Only the author's own works are permitted.
• The maximum size of the works is A4 (210 x 297 mm).
• The works must not be framed. The technique is freely selectable.
• Image data are to be sent as a JPG file in 300 dpi between 1 MB and a maximum of 15 MB.
•   TechVertu Ltd will issue a Certificate of Participation to every participant in this contest.

• The name, address, email contact, and telephone number of the artist must be given in the email.
• Include a short biography (one A4 page maximum) and a photo or a self-caricature of the author.
Terms and Conditions
• All the intellectual rights of the submitted artworks belong to TechVertu Ltd as the organiser.
• Selected Works are exhibited on different platforms to exclusive audiences chosen by TechVertu Ltd.
• In submitting their work, participants automatically agree to give permission for their work to be exhibited, printed, and used by TechVertu Ltd.
• The participants are required to ensure that the content of the submitted work does not contravene laws regarding copyright, competition regulations, child welfare, trademark
law or other industrial property rights, and personal rights of third parties.
• TechVertu Ltd reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions.
• The participant agrees to make no legal claims against TechVertu Ltd as the sponsor and competition organiser.


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