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The 5th International Biennial Book Cartoon Contest-Iran 2021

The 5th International Biennial Book Cartoon Contest-Iran 2021 Deadline: July 1, 2021

Theme: “Book and Children”, “Book, Librarian and Library”, “Book and Media”, “Book and Coronavirus”.


The combination of art and media has always been impressive. The artist creates impressive artworks through a specific view and understanding and presents his/er message to the audience through a conceptual image, among which caricature as an understandable language for all people around the world is one of the best. The aim of “Book Cartoon” is to speak in art language.

Nowadays due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, people use virtual media more than past, so we need to try influential ways to encourage them to reading. That’s why the Iran Public Libraries Institution decided to cooperate with artists to get the aim.

Till now four biennial book cartoons have been held, during which more than 6000 artworks have been sent to us. Now we are going to hold the 5th biennial of book cartoon.


“Book and Children”, “Book, Librarian and Library”, “Book and Media”, “Book and Coronavirus”.


First: honorable mention, trophy, 1500 €.

Second: honorable mention, trophy, 1000 €.

Third: honorable mention, trophy, 500 €.

Five Iranian artists will receive certificates of appreciation, trophy and 50 million Rials.

Jury Members :

Nikola Listes from Croatia,Ares from Cuba,Dalcio Machado from Brazil

Alireza Zakeri from Iran,Sajad Rafeifrom Iran,Aref Niazifrom Iran and Massoud Shojai Tabatabai from Iran

New Deadline:June 30, 2021 (Due to the presidential election in Iran, the book cartoon contest was extended for 9 days)


Each artist can participate in one section.

Each artist can send maximum of 5 pieces.

The artworks should not have participated or received awards in another contest or festival.

It is necessary to determine in which section you want to participate.

By participating the festival, the artist agreed to the regulations.

All the intellectual rights of the submitted artworks belong to Iran Public Libraries Institution.

It is required to send us your name, surname, postal address, email address, phone number and resume.

200 dpi, size 2000 pixel (length or width) and jpg format.

Also, award-winning works and published works in the catalog of previous periods of this festival will not be accepted.

Send your artworks to via:


for more info:


Address: No. 9, Shahid Zakeri Alley, South Palestine St., Keshavarz Blvd., Tehran, Iran.

Postal Code: 1416764311

Tel: +982188951493

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