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THE 3rd INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST-Turkey 2023 Deadline: March 5, 2023

Theme: Healthy Life and Sports



1. The topic of the contest: Healthy Life and Sports

2.Deadline: Cartoons must be uploaded on eng.denizli.bel.tr/karikaturyarismasi/  (official municipality website) until 12.00 (a.m) March 5th, on Sunday.

3.  The contest is open to amateur and professional cartoonists all over the world.

4. Whether or not the cartoons sent to the contest have been published or not in previous contests will not be questioned. However, the cartoons you will send must not have been awarded in another contest before. Cartoons that the selection committee (jury) deems the same or similar to another cartoonist’s creation will not be evaluated.

5.You can participate in the contest with a maximum of three cartoons.

6. Cartoonists will send their cartoons digitally to enter our contest. Every cartoon must be in A4 size, between 150-300 dpi, JPEG format with a minimum capacity of 1 MB and a maximum capacity of 10 MB.

7.  Among the received cartoons, some of them will be chosen and collected in a cartoon album by the jury. The cartoons deemed worthy to be exhibited will also be displayed whenever and wherever Denizli Metropolitan Municipality deems suitable. No fee will be paid for the cartoons chosen by the jury for the exhibition and the album.

8. One-night accommodation and meal expenses of the winners of the cartoon contest will be provided by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.

9.Selection committee (The Jury Members):

* Serhat Akbulut (Assistant General Secretary)

* Hüdaverdi Otaklı (Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department) - Coordinator

* Arif Duru (Director of Culture and Art)

* Samet Başer (Director of Tourism and Publicity)

* Şevket Yalaz (Cartoonist)

* Savaş Ünlü (Humourist)

* Mehmet Selçuk (Cartoonist)

* Abdülkadir Uslu (Cartoonist)    

* Altan Özeskici (Cartoonist)

* Ali Şur (Cartoonist)

* Kübra DELİGÖZ (Cartoonist)


10. Prizes

First Prize Winner                                                  : 10.000 TL

Second Prize Winner                                              : 7.500 TL

Third Prize Winner                                                 : 5.000 TL

Honorable Mentions (3 pieces)                                  : 3.500 TL    

The Prize for Under 18 Years Old (3 pieces)              : 2.000 TL

11. The Calendar of The Contest:              

A. The deadline of application for the contest is March 5th 2023, 12.00 (a.m) on Sunday.

B. The evaluation meeting of the jury will be conducted on March 11th and March 12th 2023.

C. Announcement of the results: The results will be announced on the official websites of Denizli  Metropolitan Municipality ‘’https://www.denizli.bel.tr on March 15th 2023, on Wednesday.

D. Prize-giving Ceremony and Exhibition: The prize-giving ceremony and the exhibition will be organized in Turan Bahadır Exhibition Hall on May 5th 2023, on Friday. (The date and the location of the prize-giving ceremony and the exhibition can be changed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.)






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