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‘Magnificent Huichang’ International Comic Contest-2019, China

‘Magnificent Huichang’ International Comic Contest-2019, China Deadline: Sept. 30, 2019

Theme: “My Community” and “My Life”

The organizer:

 China Daily Website

China Journalistic Caricature Society

People's Government of Huichang county, Jiangxi province

The theme: 

“My Community” and “My Life”, characteristics that reflect a happy life or the different styles in my own eyes, reminiscent of classic and happy times.

The awards:

First prize

One winner -- 5,000 yuan

Second prize

Two winners--each will get 3,000 yuan

Third prize

Three winners--each will get 1,000 yuan 

Outstanding prizes

Nine winners--each will get 500 yuan 

85 works entered in the exhibition will win 200 yuan each.

The rules: 

Participants are required to send entries by electronic file to the email address of the organizing committee. The file name should include the author’s name (based on ID card) and the entry’s title. Define e-mail content, including the author’s name (subject to the ID card), title, contact details, postal code, contact number, and name of the exhibition. The finalists will be publicized on the China News Comics Network. Winners will be officially announced after the contest deadline. Winners and selected authors will send their originals to the address of the organizing committee upon request. 

All participants should guarantee ownership of copyright for the entries. The author(s) shall bear all legal responsibilities and economic losses, including but not limited to those resulting from the products' infringement of intellectual property, portrait rights and reputation rights, as well as defamation and other violations of laws and regulations. 

The requirements: 

1. The style of the selected works is not limited, and the creative methods are not limited.

2. The occupation and age of the exhibitors are not limited.

3. Selection of electronic works size: 300dpi or more, JPEG format storage, file size ranges from 2M, to less than 5M.

4. Paper works:

(1)After the results of the selection are officially announced, the winners and the authors of the exhibition will be notified to send the original paper works 

(2)The size of the original paper works should be within 50cm × 50 cm, the length and width are not limited.

(3)In the lower right corner of the back of the paper work, please use a pencil to write on the author’s name (based on the ID card), entry’s title (same as the picture), entry group, size (height × width CM), contact address, postal code, contact number, and attach a copy of the ID card.

(4)The work must be properly packaged and sent through the post office or regular courier company to prevent damage and loss in the mail.

(5)Deadline: Sept 30, 2019

(6)Submission address: 3rd Floor, Center 3, No.1, Tongji Avenue, Wenwuba Town, Huichang County, Zhangzhou City, Jiangxi Province

If you have questions or comments regarding the exhibition or the competition, please contact us:

Email: hcxwhg@163.com (Huang Zhenrong) 

Phone number: 86-07975622677,13970773102 

The organizing committee has the right to exhibit, research, photograph, video, publication and publicity.

Anyone who submits work for participation in the evaluation and exhibition shall be deemed to confirm and agree with the provisions of the notice. 

Exhibition information can be registered at


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