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9th KalDer Bursa International Cartoon Contest -Turkey 2023

9th KalDer Bursa International Cartoon Contest -Turkey 2023 Deadline: Jan. 30, 2023



The contest is receptive internationally for all amateur and professional caricaturists.

Anything is possible in anytime…

Risks, opportunities, threats…

And uncertainty…

Nowadays people live in the world of uncertainty, and it seems that will continue…

Impact is visible on Nature, business and economy as well

 In order to overcome these phenomena and turn back to normal lifecycle, acting globally is crucial. Scientists, educators, civil society organizations and sector representatives draw attention to the need of personal characteristics on individuals and leaders

Those are respectively ability to cope with, intellectual mindset, ethic, respect, critical thinking which bring benefit to society and humanity.

 It is impossible for us to find natural sources to meet demand with our current consumption habits. It is clear that wars make it worse for humanity and our world. Livelihoods, erosion of social cohesion caused by migration, infectious diseases, environmental problems reaching foods and clean water and many other problems are continued to be governed with uncertainties without being resolved.

 In the world of uncertainties, we should be able to understand and analyze crises, the risks and opportunities. It is possible to turn uncertainties into opportunities instead of admitting as a disaster. Also leverage from uncertainty is a matter of rising rational solutions in scope of better quality for life. As a citizen of this country or this world and human being, everyone has to overcome challenge.

 Last date for application: Monday, January 30, 2023

The contest is receptive internationally for all amateur and professional caricaturists.

Limited with three (3) caricatures, may be e-mailed to bursa@kalder.org in 300 dpi jpg format.

The caricatures can be published, yet should not be awarded in another competition.

The caricatures will be published at www.facebook.com/kalder.bursa social media account for detection of plagiarism and resemblance. Beginning date and expiry date of publishing will be announced later. Objections will not be considered after the dates specified.

Competing caricatures may be printed and used in KalDer organisations (posters, books, albums, postcards, brochures, invitations, exhibitions, etc.) and published in internet environment. One of the artworks may be used as the main visual of the 20th Quality and Success Symposium which will be held in Bursa on the date of 11th May 2023. All remaining publication rights belong to the author. Competitors are considered to have an agreement in these conditions.

Categories (You need to indicate your category for which you applied on the form.)

 Adult Category (at the age of 17 and above )


-1th Place 9.000 TL ve Plaque

-2th Place 6.000 TL ve Plaque

-3th Place 3.000 TL ve Plaque

-Three Honorable Mention Plaques

-Anatolian Caricaturists Society Special Award (Plaque)

Young Category (at the age of 16 and below)


-5 achievement certificates

-15 finalist certificates

Explanation: Reward money and plaques will be sent to respective winners in March 2023. Reward money will be paid according to exchange rates of the date of payment in USD for international artists.

Results will be announced at https://www.facebook.com/kalder.bursa social media account on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.



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