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8th International Cartoon Contest “caminos de la libertad”, Mexico

8th International Cartoon Contest “caminos de la libertad”, Mexico Deadline: June 30, 2023

Theme: Freedom

8th Caricature Contest SALINAS GROUP Summons the eighth Caminos de la Libertad Cartoon Contest
The caricature is an act of provocation, of criticism; capable of defending freedom from humor. Caminos de la Libertad invites reflection and discussion on the different aspects of freedom, generating thought around it and making those who have not yet realized the value it has in their lives aware. Freedom is the fundamental right of the human being, but the efforts to limit it have become systematic in the contemporary world.
 There is no more direct and effective form of communication than caricature. Since its inception it has been a tool for criticism and analysis of the reality of our world. In the search to promote the debate around freedom, Grupo Salinas announces the caricature contest.
1. People from anywhere in the world can participate in this contest.
2. The works must be totally original and unpublished and in case of having words they must be in Spanish. They must not be simultaneously participating in any other contest. Adaptations of other originals will not be accepted.
3. Freedom should be the theme of the cartoon. The winning works will be those that best reflect, analyze, contrast, promote and disseminate it, those that offer proposals to broaden the options for freedom in Mexican society or that present examples of success and failure in the application of this right.
4. Each contestant may participate with the number of works they want.
5. The works must be presented in JPEG format in the best possible resolution.
6. The works must be signed with a pseudonym.
7. The author will send, in the same mail as his work, a file in which he will write down the pseudonym, the title of the cartoon, the full name of the author, his address, occupation, telephone number, email address and a brief biographical summary.
8. The works must be sent by email to the following address: caminosdelalibertad@tvazteca.com.mx
9. This call will be valid from today until June 30, 2023.
10. The composition of the jury will remain secret until the publication of the ruling.
11. The results of the contest will be announced on the website www.caminosdelalibertad.com.
Winners will be notified directly to the address, phone or email sent.
12. Those contestants whose works are chosen to be published are obliged to sign the necessary documentation that will be delivered to them at the time.
13. The jury's decision will be final. The prize may be declared void if the jury considers that none of the works presented is of sufficient quality. The jury will be empowered to resolve any situation related to the contest that is not specified in these rules.
14. Three cash prizes will be awarded in Mexican pesos of: First place: $30,000.00 Second place: $20,000.00 Third place: $10,000.00 These prizes may be collected after compliance with the tax requirements of Mexico and the contestant's country of origin.
15. Up to seven honorable mentions will be awarded, without a cash prize, for the works that, in the opinion of the jury, have sufficient quality.
16. In the event that the prize published in this call is not claimed within three months from the date of publication on the official page of Caminos de la Libertad (www.caminosdelalibertad.com), as well as on its networks social, Caminos de la Libertad may dispose of the amount of said prize for what is convenient for its purposes, without the winner being able to formulate a subsequent claim of any nature.
17. Any work that does not comply with the provisions of these bases will be disqualified.
18. Participation in this contest presupposes acceptance of these bases. No awards or prizes will be given, nor will the works of the contestants who do not comply with the bases established in this call be published.
19. For more information contact: caminosdelalibertad@tvazteca.com.


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