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13th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Competition

13th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Competition Deadline: Oct. 15, 2022

Theme: Brain Drain of Youth



Dear Humor Fans,

13th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Competition, which is due shortly, has an important topic on the world's agenda: "Brain Drain of Youth".

For the first time this year, the "Fairplay" award was added to the awards of our International DQ Cartoon Competition. Let us briefly tell you the story of the “Fairplay Award”: The monetary awards of our 12th international cartoon competition "No to Violence Against Women!" have been presented to the winners with a one year delay due to pandemy and been personally paid to the winners by Erdoğan Karayel, Don Quichotte Editor-in-Chief. Probably, for the first time in the world, a cartoonist's reward money has been paid by a cartoonist. Although some of the illustrators did not want to accept the prize money sent by apologizing for the delay, the prize amounts have been transferred to all the winners.

Chinese cartoonist Liu Qiang has accepted the prize on the condition that we use the first prize he’d won in the international cartoon contest which was organized by the Milas Municipality, in Don Quichotte's next contest. Moreover, the amount he’d won is more than the cash prize of the DQ competition. However, he said that this is not a problem and the important thing is to ensure the continuation of the Don Quichotte competitions, which have won the trust of humor lovers for years, and asked us to accept this gesture. In the face of this insistence, we have decided to present the “Fairplay" Award on behalf of Liu Qiang for the first time in DQ competitions.

Rules of the competition:

Joining the competition is possible only via internet ( info@donquichotte.org ). (with cv+contact information)

All submitted pieces of work should be participating in a contest for the first time. In the event of violation of this requirement, any awarded prizes shall be returned.

The caricatures are to be submitted in A3 size, with a resolution of 300 dpi  and in Jpeg format (black and white or colour, no restriction as to technical colour processing).

The closing date of the competition is 15 October 2022.

Based upon the submitted caricatures, the jury will pre-select 100 finalists from 25 October 2022. These finalists will then be presented on social media platforms and on Don Quichotte’s websites for the following 10 days.

The jury will evaluate the pre-selected works of art from 5 November 2022 and publish the results on 7 November 2022.

The award ceremony will take place in line with the exhibition opening on 26 November 2022 at the Maji Art Gallery in Istanbul.

Submitted caricatures will be securely stored within Don Quichotte’s archives. For any use other than contest related, permission shall be seeked from each author prior to use.

A contest catalogue shall be issued in pdf format and published.

Our jury, as usual, is made up of respected names who do not give importance to popularity and signature yet evaluate the cartoons in our competition impartially:

- Bernard Bouton (France)

- Beysun Gökçin (Turkey)

- Gurbuz Doğan Ekşioğlu (Turkey)

- Erdogan Karayel (Germany)

- Hayati Painter (Germany)

- Hussein Çakmak (Zyprus)

- Ivailo Tsvetkov (Bulgarien)

- Liu Qiang (Chinese)

- Marilena Nardi (Italy)

- Marlene Pohle (Argentina)

- Silvano Mello (Brazil)

- Tan Oral (Turkey)

Liu Qiang, on whose behalf we will present the "Fairplay" Award, is also in our selection committee.

Don Quichotte once again thanks all the cartoonists who have sent cartoons to our competitions for eighteen years and been tolerant and patient in the delays of the prize money.


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