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Jury Members of the 4th International Africa Cartoon Contest

Jury Members of the 4th International Africa Cartoon Contest

Trax started her career as a lawyer, but today she is a cartoonist and activist cartoonist. She publishes in the satirical newspaper Le Ravi and also in La Décroissance, Zélium, and l'Espoir.
She also conducts workshops for school or incarcerated audiences. She regularly participates in caricature festivals, such as the International Festival of Caricature and Satire Cartoon Press and various traveling group exhibitions of the Le Crayon association such as "Le Fn au bout du Crayon", in 2017 “At the end of the pencil, Women's rights” 1 in 2018, “At the end of the pencil: Social networks” in 2019 and “At the end of the pencil: Ecology and environment” in 2020. She lived 28 years in the Var in Ampus then Châteaudouble and took part in the Collines2 festival
Trax received in 2019 the jury prize of the Estaque3 international press cartoon festival, and in 2020 the excellence prize at the 2020 World humor awards whose theme was "Thewater source of health ”.

Ahmet Altay was born in 1975 in Istanbul. He started his cartoon life in the Ustura humor magazine and worked until the magazine ended its publication life. He worked as a cartoonist for Zaman newspaper and drew daily cartoons. He worked as an illustrator for the action news magazine. His cartoon corners and lines were published in Gırgır and Zıpır humor magazines. In 2000, he worked as an art director at Hayat Publishing Group. He established his design office named Design Monsters in 2004 and continued his visual design, web design and line works. In 2013, he worked as a visual director in İlim ve İrfan magazine. In 2014, he gave humor and cartoon courses in Zeytinburnu Municipality and Pendik Municipality. He has written educational, instructive and at the same time entertaining books for children.

Jitet Koestana whose real name Koestana (born in Semarang, Central Java, January 4, 1967; age 50) is an artist nationality Indonesia.   His name is known as a cartoonist whose works adorn several national mass media.  Jitet several times won the award for his work. Jitet vocation ...

Omar Diakité “ODIA”, cartoonist: News writer.
Icon of caricature in Senegal, Omar Diakité, better known by the signature of “Odia” never ceases to amaze his world with his inspiration that is both poetic and biting. This brightens up the cottages as much as it shakes the conscience. But behind this genius of the brush hides a multifaceted man.

Rossem or real name Rosidi Semail, was born on 3 August 1948 in Peringat, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia. Have a diploma in art / graphics education. In 1970, he started drawing cartoons freelance in cartoon magazines, entertainment magazines and some popular Malaysian newspapers. In 1993, he worked as an editorial cartoonist for the English language newspaper The Sun (Malaysia) until 2001. In 2014, he opened a gallery and museum of cartoons / comics (Rumah Kartun Rossem) in Kelantan, Malaysia. Gallery for public visits, in addition to hosting local and international cartoon exhibitions and competitions.
 The year 2000 participated in the first international cartoon exhibition organized by the Japanese Cultural Center. Exhibitions are held in Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila and Tokyo. He has won awards such as Best Malaysian Cartoonist (2001), and Malaysian Cartoonist (2017).
 Appointed as a jury member “International Cartoon contest & Exhibition Malaysia- free theme- 2019”, “The First International Contest Writers Cartoon 2020- Syria”, “The Memory Carivcature Project Cartoon Contest- Egypt 2021”, “International Cartoon Exhibition & Contest- Save Our Herittage, Malaysia 2020 ”,“ Malaysia comic contest 2020-DBP ”“ Palastine Is Not Alone- Cartoon, Caricature and Poster International Contest-Iran-2021 ”, and International Cartoon Competition & Exhibition On Road Safety Malayisa 2021”.

Naji Benaji.
President of the Moroccan Caricature Association (MAC);
Director of the International Cartoon Festival in Africa (FICA);
Representative of the International Caricature Federation in Morocco-FECO Morocco;
Founding member of Sfax Tunisia Caricature School
I have collaborated with many Arab and national newspapers, magazines and websites since 1990. I have participated in many international exhibitions and contributed to several books on caricatures and other publications social and childish. I have also participated in many international and national exhibitions including Qatar, Iran, France, Tunisia, Croatia, Egypt,Turkey ...
Currently I work for the satirical weekly le duck libérée and the weekly al watan et al bilad also for a design agency

Awards and Recognition:

2006: Second Prize of the International Competition on the theme of theater - Damascus (Syria) -
2006: Special Prize of the International Competition on Palestine - Iran;
2006: Special Prize of the International Nuclear Energy Competition - Iran;
2007: Second prize of the international competition on the theme of the pen-Damascus-Syria;
2007: Second prize in the international Donquixote competition on the theme of migration-Turkey;
2008: Special Prize of the International Competition on Children - Iran;
2009: Special prize of the first international competition of Barcelona on freedoms in Spain;
2017 Special Prize of the International Environmental Competition
Designated best designer in the world in 2017-China;
2019 Special Prize of the International Water Competition - Iraq
2019 won excellence at the 2018 International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection - China
2019 Special Prize of the XXXVth International Satirical Graphics Competition THE GOLDEN APLLE - Bistrița, 2019, - Romania
Special Prize 2019 of the First International Caricature Competition - 2019 - Azerbaijan
2020 First Prize of the Donald Trump Caricature Challenge, .toonsmag - Norway
Special Prize 2020 of the International Heritage Caricature in Competition - Malaysia
Outstanding Nominee Prizes 2020 of the International Caricature Challenge anti-coronavirus cartoon (UYACC) - China
First prize 2020 for the cartoon The Cultural Village Foundation, Katara -Qatar

Member of the Jury

- Membre du jury du concours international sur le "thème de Satan" en Iran 2011;
- Membre du jury de la victoire du concours en Syrie 2015
- Membre du jury du concours de théâtre en Syrie 2014
- Membre du jury du concours des taille-crayons en Croatie 2018
- Membre du jury au du concours international sur le thème  Liban 2018
- Membre du jury du concours international sur le thème Jérusalem en Iran 2018
- Membre du jury du 3e concours international de dessins animés Our Heritage Jerusalem 2019
- Membres du jury des expositions du concours international de dessins animés "Peace and Justice" Inde 2020
-Membres du jury du concours international annuel de dessins animés et de portraits satiriques egupt 2020
www. maghrebtoon.com and www.arabecartoon.com

( Mohamad Thallab )
Head of Kuwait Cartoon Society
Presenter of the Artist 'Rassam' Program on Kuwait Kids Channel
Caricaturist in AlAnba Kuwaiti newspaper
Executive Editor in Bo Qotada and Bo Nabeel caricature magazine
Caricaturist in AlWatan Kuwaiti newspaper- Last page: Bo Qotada and Bo Nabeel Daily
Caricaturist in AlWatan Daily English newspaper
Caricaturist in AlWatan website
Caricaturist in the Arabic Sky News website
Animation artist
International arbitrator in Caricature art
Held four personal exhibitions, the last one named 'Freedoms' at Kuwait Journalists Society.
Certificate from the USA as an International Visitor-Caricaturist
Held many exhibitions outside Kuwait
Certified Caricature Art Trainer
Held many seminars and talks about caricature art
Chosen as one of the most talented persons in Kuwait in 2014
Published an annual caricature calendar
Published a book 'Caricature of a Country'
Has publication in children's cartoon
Member in Kuwait Journalist Society
Member in the National Union for Journalists
Member in Kuwait Society for Fine Arts

Jalal hajir is a moroccan cartoonist and scénariste born in 1979 in casablanca , he was started his professional carrer in 2007 as comic strip illustrator in childrens magazins , since 2008 he has specialized in the press cartoon and he published a lot of works in several newspaper and web platforms . Jalal hajir is a member of the Fico ( federation of international cartoonists organization ) , member of administration of the fica ( festival of cartoon in africa ) , treasurer of the MAC ( moroccan association of cartoonists ) , and also an awarded  artist who wins a several prizes :
Special prize in the second festival of cartoon about Palestine ( Teheran / Iran 2015 )
Special prize at the 1st edition of the Fica ( festival of cartoon in africa / Morocco 2017 )
Special prize of the 1st edition of the human rights competition ( United Nation 2019 )







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