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The winner of the "We Defeat Coronavirus"

The winner of the "We Defeat Coronavirus"

The winner of the "We Defeat Coronavirus" competition was honored

Ali Radmand (He won First Prize), an Iranian cartoonist selected for the International Cartoon Competition "We Defeat Corona", was honored in the presence of Mohammad Mehdi Dadman, head of the art department.

According to the Irancartoon website, Ali Radmand, an Iranian cartoonist and the winner of the "We Defeat Corona" contest, was in the office of the Arts Department on Saturday evening, September 6, in the presence of Mohammad Mehdi Dadman, Art Director, Seyed Massoud Shojaei Tabatabai, Director of the Arts Center International cartoon "We defeat Corona" and Mohammad Zarvi Nasrabad, director of Sepehr Surah Honar, was honored.

Shojaei Tabatabai, the secretary of this international cultural and artistic event, in presenting a short report on how the competition was organized, said: The executive work related to the international cartoon competition "We defeat Corona" began a few days after the corona outbreak, with the concurrence of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. The happy event of this artistic event was accompanied by the officials of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, Islamic Guidance Organization, Fatah Narration Center, iGap Virtual Network, Imam Khomeini Executive Headquarters and the Presidential Institution. He also started working as a presenter.

Shojaei Tabatabai added: "After the announcement, we were welcomed by artists from 88 countries and received 4,200 works. In the first stage, with 4 Iranian judges and 5 foreign artists, the judging of works began, and in the initial stage, 2,200 works entered the site."

He specified: In the next stages of judging, 388 works from 47 artists were selected to be presented in the exhibition and published in the special book of the competition. In the last stage, 3 people were selected as selected individuals.

Regarding the closing ceremony of the event, Shojaei Tabatabai said: The closing ceremony of the international cartoon contest "We are defeating Corona" was held in a virtual and pre-recorded way on the Iran Cartoon website, during which the best people were introduced.

Ali Radmand, the Iranian winner of "We will defeat Corona", also appreciated the efforts of Hozeh Honari and Shojaei Tabatabai in holding this competition and said: I followed Corona and implemented my new designs and ideas to send my best work for "We Defeat Corona".

At the end of the meeting, the selected Iranian "We will defeat Corona" Ali Radmand was honored with a memorial plaque and a statue of the contest.

The exquisite book of works of the contest "We defeat Corona" will be published in 387 pages and will be sent to the finalists. Also, the pdf file of the works with printable quality will be provided to other participants.

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