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“Palestine Is Not Alone” is going to be held by 8 countries

“Palestine Is Not Alone” is going to be held by 8 countries

The general secretory of the contest said: “Axis of Resistance and cartoonists, caricaturists and graphists are on Palestine’s side”.

In a meeting with the director general of Hoze-Honari (A Center for Iranian arts and Islamic thoughts), Masoud Shogaei talked about the contest’ theme and effects, and added that some countries relationship with Israel does not make Palestine alone, fortunately many artists from around the world, from 66 countries, participated in this contest.

“the noticeable point is the remarkable participation of Iranian artists; shows how they are keen on resistance in international area.”

The most participants are from Turkey, 62 artists, and then Indonesia and china each had 42participants, we also can see many artists’ works from Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Poland, Italy, Germany…

Totally we received 802000 artworks; 798 cartoons, 302 posters, 204 caricatures were selected in first step, which have been visited 500000 times in Irancartoon site by visitors.

The received artworks are on display in 8 countries’ exhibitions.  Shojaei added “we are also going to have exhibitions in different provinces.”

The first, 2nd and 3rd winners will be awarded 2,000 Euros, 1,500 Euros and 1,000 Euros, respectively, along with a trophy and honorable mention. A special prize has also been added in the cartoon section. The competition was judged by four foreign artists from Malaysia, Poland, Italy and Brazil and five Iranian artists. Foreign jury members have had online presence.

Ibad Amin, a member of the Palestinian Movement talked about the effect of such a contest, and art, and said some try to make people believe that Palestinian have sold their houses and have good relationships with Israel, but it is not the truth, except few people. Iranian artists have done the best to widespread the message that ‘Palestine is not alone’, I should give you Palestinian’s thanks messages for support”.

The exhibition continues 10 more days, and the closing and award ceremony will be held on Quds Day (the last Friday of Ramadan).

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