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Mohammad Abolhassini passed away

Mohammad Abolhassini passed away

The producer of the successful series Darin Darin and the movie Tehran 1500 (directed by Bahram Azimi), who was hospitalized due to the Coronavirus, passed away on Saturday, the 27th of March 2021.

He entered the field of animation in 2004 and first started animating with a team of 12 people, and by 2009 this collaboration reached a team of 170 people. During these 5 years, he produced 2,000 cultural animations about water, electricity, gas, drugs, police and health.

Abolhassani became famous for his long-standing creation with Mohammad Reza Alimardani, and this animation became one of the most popular animations in recent years.

This animation, directed by Ali Derakhshi and produced by Abdolhossein and Mohammad Abolhassani, addresses economic, social and environmental issues and problems. Mohammad Reza Alimardani, doubler, singer and actor with a background in voice acting ٢٣ is in charge of the characters of this series such as the narrator, he, Qerzamani, Qahvani, Inioueh and…


Abolhassani with the character of the joke series, which is one of his latest works.

Mohammad Abolhassani tried to move in touch with current issues in his cultural products. When Corona arrived in Iran, it shifted the content of its plans to a culture of fighting the virus. He prepared two thirty-part series entitled Social Distance and Not to Be Like This, and included educational tips related to this disease.

Indicates what people should not do during a corona outbreak. For example, in one of the episodes, we see a person who tells people about the beauties of travel and tourism and at the same time asks them to stay at home and not travel. By showing this contradictory behavior, Darin Dirin urges citizens not to put others at a crossroads. In another part, Darin Darin asked some officials to tell the bitter facts about the victims of the Corona virus and not to show the situation in vain. If we are not like this, it deals with the coronary shoulds and in contrast to the three-part set of social distancing on the other coin. Social distancing indicates the actions that must be taken during the corona.

This collection shows characters who greatly exaggerate in observing social distancing. For example, a doctor who asks a patient to have surgery on his own. Or a football referee who increases the distance between players standing on the defensive wall.

Successful entrepreneur in the field of digital content

The living memory of Mohammad Abolhassani is considered by many to be a cultural figure who tried to educate and create culture by producing animation. Nevertheless, he was also a successful entrepreneur, and with the launch of the National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development, digital content paved the way for youth employment in the field.

Iran Cartoon extends its condolences to the Iranian and chinese artistic community on the death of this unique figure in the field of producing magnificent works of animation and entrepreneurship.

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