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Cartoonists around the world reacted to the events in Afghanistan

Cartoonists around the world reacted to the events in Afghanistan

No event in the world is neglected by cartoonists and their humor sight.

The Changing Nature of Power and Sovereignty in Afghanistan, due to the irresponsible withdrawal of US Army, became an object for cartoonists around the world.



Fars News Agency:

"As the Taliban came to power, ‌ cartoonists from around the world reacted to the US role in the recent events in Afghanistan”.

Miss Kabul, by Mike Flugnnak, a 64-year-old American cartoonist

He made this cartoon about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and has a historical reference to the withdrawal of the Americans from the city of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as "Saigon", the largest city in Ethanam). The work also refers to the "Miss Saigon" musical theater poster. This play tells the sad story of a romance; An Asian girl abandoned by her American lover.

The play was first staged by Giacomo Puccini in 1904. Years later, on April 11, 1991, it was performed on Broadway at the Broadway Theater (New York), sat a record of $ 39 million. "Miss Saigon" also performed for a decade at the Royal Theater, Derry Lane, London, setting a record of 4,092 performances from 1989 to 1999.

Yesterday in Afghanistan, and today is a cartoon by Massoud Shojaei

A story of two towers by Rifat al-Khatib, a Jordanian cartoonist referring to 9/11



by Emad Hajjaj

another work by Emad Hajjaj, Afghan people are falling from the American plane


"Next" by Mahmoud al-Rifai, Jordanian cartoonist

This work refers to the Soviet and American wars in Afghanistan, during which Afghan people witnessed a military war in their  own territory for 10 and 20 years.

Another work by Ahmad Rahma

by Ahmad Rahma

"The true face of American freedom has emerged in Afghanistan,"

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