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An Interview with Ali Shafeie

An Interview with Ali Shafeie

Ali Shafeie is a cartoonist, graphist and graduated in graphics, he was born in 1980 in Iran.

Shafeie has held three solo exhibitions in 2001, 2003 and 2005 in Fakhreddin Asad Gorgani Hall. He received the first cartoon award in the provincial cartoon festival “a life without addiction” in 2002 and later won significant awards from national and international festivals and competitions, including: winning the first prize of “Naji Ali” Festival in 2017,  the second prize of Turkish Tourism Festival in 2017, a medal for the selected work of the Bulgarian “Fish and Shell” Festival, the third prize of Macedonian Cartoon Festival in 2018, the third prize of  Portugal Cartoon Festival in 2020 and the third prize of Kurdish Peace Cartoon Festival in 2021. Ali Shafeie has recently won the first prize of Political Cartoon Festival of India “Mayakamat”, 2021, we have interviewed him to hear from him about his prize:


Please tell us about the “Mayakamat” festival and your prize?

It is a prize for my country, this cartoon was also selected in Turkish Truism Cartoon Festival.


In this cartoon you referred to migration, but it seems you took a look at discrimination too.

In this work, I tried to portray the problems of immigration to Europe. Especially the immigrants from Syria and Iraq who were captured by the terrorist group ISIS. Surprisingly, some European countries who had played a significant role in the formation of ISIL, restricted the migrants entrance to their country.


You mostly work on social and political cartoon. Please tell us about your priorities.

Over the years, I have tried to work on both political and social issues, because I believe that critique, with the aim of improvement, is inherent feature of cartoon, like a surgery.


You have worked on editorial/ political cartoons, what features a good editorial cartoon needs?


First of all, our politicians should be open and tolerant to criticism. They should consider to cartoonists as members of society whose natural right is to pay attention to issues related to our society and politics and culture. A good political cartoon, in my opinion, would be created when the artist is given freedom of action, censorship or self-censorship does not help us, so we have to utilize metaphors.


In terms of form, technique and other technical features in cartoon, what is your tendency and what items and elements do you pay attention to?

I use pencil or rapid pen and Photoshop. Personally, I am interested in the texture in my color performance.

What is your vision in the field of cartoon art?

I try to participate more in festivals. I see a much better future for Iranian cartoonists; No compliments or exaggerations!

Anything more you want to say?

Thanks to Iran Cartoon, which has always supported artists and has helped the improvement of Iranian cartoons and caricatures.




.Shafeie's cartoon in “Mayakamat” festival



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