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The International Cartoon Contest, Arequipa 2023, Peru

The International Cartoon Contest, Arequipa 2023, Peru Deadline: July 23, 2023

Theme: ETHICS, another weapon against corruption


1. All illustrator and cartoonists who live in any part of our Mother Earth, amateur or professionals from 18 to 120 years old regardless
civil status, religion or sex can participate. Members of the Contest Organizing Committee can not participate.
2. The theme on which the works should be inspired is ETHICS, another weapon against corruption
3. Each participant may submit a maximum of 3 illustrations without dialogues, speech or text balloons. The works may or may not have
achieved any mention or award in other similar events, but they should be original and belong to the author who send them, it means, copies and/or plagiarism identified by the jury will be disqualified immediately.
4. The technique is totally free, in color or in black and white, and the delivery will be digital, in 21cm x 30cm, in JPG (horizontal or
vertical), in RGB colors and in high definition (300dpi). The name of each file can be in Spanish or English, and will be composed of
the name of the author, country of origin, and title of the work. Example: Pepe Sanmartin_Peru_ethics for all.
5. Attach to each work a Word document in which the title of the work, the name of the author, email, a telephone number, address and
country of origin will be indicated, as well as a brief curriculum (no more than 15 lines), a personal photo and a thumbnail of the work.
6. The deadline to send the works is July 23, 2023. And they must be sent to the following address:
7. Prizes and awards guaranteed by our sponsors:
FIRST PRIZE USD 800 = + diploma
SECOND PRIZE USD 400= + diploma
THIRD PRIZE USD 200= + diploma
HONORABLE MENTION (which the jury may consider convenient) diploma
The results will be announced on August 25, 2023, within the framework of a discussion on ETHICS, and the inauguration of the
traveling exhibition with the most important works of the contest in the ALIANZA FRANCESA Arequipa GALLERY. They will also be
officially published in: www.carpadetinta.pe
8. The jury will be integrated by five members, all of them are important and well recognized national and international cartoonist.
Their decision is unappealable.
9. If after the jury’s decision, a plagiarism or copy of other work is detected in any of the participating works, the author or authors will
assume all the legal responsibility that the situation demands them, as well as the disqualification and return of the prize if the work
had been awarded.
10. The most important works will be part of the traveling exposition which will be in different showrooms in Cusco and Peru. A major
selection of participant illustrations will be part of the virtual catalogue.
11. The author accepts all conditions mentioned in this rules and waives copyrights of the illustration to the competition Organization to
use it in different publications including audiovisual applications related to International Cartoon Contest LA SONRISA INCA.
For further information about the competition, contact to:
carpadetinta@gmail.com pepesm@carpadetinta.pe dianasm@carpadetinta.pe
That is why the objective of this competition is to add particular and group efforts, private or state, to achieve and/or enhance individual and collective development, with integrity and freedom.
invite you to participate in this event with the warm welcome of all the people of Arequipa and all Peruvians.



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