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The first International Caricature Competition(Moustapha M. Moukhtar) Egypt,2021

The first International Caricature Competition(Moustapha M. Moukhtar) Egypt,2021 Deadline: Nov. 1, 2021

Theme: Moustapha M. Moukhtar

The fisrt International Caricature Competition()  Egypt,2021
In cooperation with the International Syrian Cartoon website and in celebration of the 135th anniversary of the birth of the late artist, Moustapha M. Moukhtar, the Egyptian Caricature Memory Project is pleased to announce the holding of a caricature competition, with the theme of the late cartoonist: Moustapha  M. Moukhtar(1886-1954).

Background on the Artist:
Introducing the late cartoonist Moustapha M. Moukhtar, who is considered one of the first pioneers to lay a foundation to the modern era school of Egyptian caricature. The competition is being held to celebrate the 135th anniversary of his birth.

Moustapha M. Moukhtarwas born in 1886, to a father who worked as a military commander in the Egyptian army. He obtained a Bachelor of Law from the Sorbonne University in 1914, and joined the Royal Palace, where he took over the royal ceremonies of King Fouad. As time progressed, he began to feel restricted from the day-to-day of his job and the ceremonies of the mixed courts, so he turned to art – specifically caricature.

At the end of 1926, Moustapha M. Moukhtar published his first book called Caricatures of MoustaphaMoukhtar(1916-1926). Besides the great artistic value of this book, it is considered the first book in the modern history of Egyptian caricature. At the end of 1936, Moustapha M. Moukhtarissued his second book called Caricatures of Moustapha Moukhtar(1927-1936).

He participated in many art exhibitions inside and outside Egypt, starting in 1917, and received many awards and honors. In addition to his professionalism in caricature, he also specialized in oil painting, sculpture, and woodcarving. His hobbies included writing poetry, playing sports, pigeon breeding, hunting trips, and playing the violin. Art was his passion.

Contest Details:
Draw a caricature portrait of the late Egyptian cartoonist – Mustafa Muharram Mukhtar.Three promotional prizes and participation certificates will be awarded to all participants. An exhibition of the participating works will be held (to be announced) at a later date.

Contest Terms:
1- The competition is open to cartoonists over 18 years old.
2- A maximum of two caricatures can be submitted.
3- The works must be in JPEG format, 300 dpi.
4- The size of the painting is 29.7 x 42 cm.
5- The participant sends a short CV, his address.
6- Write the name of the caricaturist and the country.
Important notice:
- The works must be new and have not participated in any other competitions.
-The works of the participating artists are used in posters, magazines, newspapers and websites inside and outside Egypt, without prior permission from the participating artists, in order to promote the event.
- The organizer has the right to exclude works that did not comply with the conditions of the competition and that are inappropriate.
- Deadline for receiving works: October 31, 2021
- Send the work to the following e-mail:

Contest prizes:
-    First place ($500(
-    Second place ($300(
-    Third place ($200(
-    Three promotional prizes and participation certificates will be awarded to all participants, an exhibition of the participating works will be held to be announced at a later date.


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