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The First Cartoon Festival 2020 Indonesia

The First Cartoon Festival 2020 Indonesia Deadline: Dec. 14, 2020

Theme: Anti Hoax!

Theme:"Anti Hoax!"

Hoaxes will destroy the life of the people of the nation and state.

PAKARTI as a forum for Indonesia cartoonists invites all cartoonists around the world to fight against hoaxes:

Terms and Conditions

1. The festival is open to all entrants from all nations.

2. Cartoons must meet the ethical and aesthetic standards of civilized society, No incitement to violence, racial or national discrimination, or scenes of violence and pornography.

3. Method of execution is up to the entrant. Cartoons submitted in digital form will have the following formats: JPEG, A3, 300 dpi, Max. 5Mb / cartoon. Author's name, billing address and email will be attached to the entry:pakartinew@gmail.com or agenda@pakarti.org

4. In the event of rule breaking or overt plagiarism, entries will be removed from the festival without discussion.

5. Maximum of three entries per participant.

6. Final submission date for entries is December 06, 2020 (EXTENDED:) December 14, 2020.

7. The following prizes are awarded:

1st Prize - Money + Trophy

2nd Prize - Money + Trophy

3rd Prize - Money + Trophy

Three Special Prizes.

Exhibition in the HARTONO Mall Sukoharjo - Solo baru INDONESIA.

The inauguration and prize giving ceremony will take place on 11 December 2020.


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