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The 7th International Cartoon Contest Kolasin-Montenegro 2022

The 7th International Cartoon Contest Kolasin-Montenegro 2022 Deadline: July 20, 2022

Theme: Compromise and Tolerance and Free

Dear cartoonists,
We are glad to inform you that the international cartoon festival "Kolašin 2022" has announced the 7th International Cartoon Competition.
FESTIVAL TOPIC: Compromise and Tolerance and Free Theme.

Participants can send a maximum of three works per topic. A total of six / 6 / works.
Each work must have the name and surname of the author, country and number of the work. Example: JOHN SMITH, USA 1, JOHN SMITH, USA 2 ...
The first three papers must be on a given topic.
The theme of this year's festival is Compromise and Tolerance.
This is a very broad topic, and the main goal is to point out the messages of world artists that any misunderstanding, dispute or conflict between two people or two countries can be resolved through dialogue, conversation or negotiation.
By presenting the facts and objectively looking at things, a compromise solution to each problem will be reached. No disagreement is resolved by physical conflict or war. Because, in the end, every war ends at the negotiating table. Then why so many human and material sacrifices?
Why does man use force, when he has a brain and is considered a conscious and civilized being? That is why this festival wants to address this question and seek answers from cartoonists around the world. Answers that are above all lucid, witty and intelligent.
Artists from all over the world will respond to this given topic through caricature and strong messages.
The best works will travel the world and send a message across the planet.

We will award the best works with the First, Second and Third Prizes, which will be in money and in the form of trophies and diplomas. We will also award five special prizes - diplomas. It's up to you to think and create.
It is our job to reward the best works. Good luck to everyone !

Rules on technique and size of work: Free
Papers should be sent to the postal address:
Kolašin Cultural Center 81210, Montenegro-Montenegro - / for the International Caricature Festival /
or: e-mail: festivalkarikature@opstinakolasin.me
FIRST PRIZE: 500 euros, trophy and diploma
SECOND PRIZE: 300 euros, trophy and diploma
THIRD PRIZE: 200 euros, trophy and diploma
Five special awards - Salon Diploma.

DEADLINE for sending to / inheritance: 20.07.2022.

An international jury will select the best works. Send cartoons to:
By mail: Cultural Center Kolašin 81210, Montenegro - Montenegro, "for the International Caricature Festival"
Or by e-mail: festivalkarikature@opstinakolasin.me
The jury's DECISION will be published on July 22 on all foreign cartoon sites. The winners will be solemnly announced at the House of Culture in Kolašin.
The award ceremony will take place on August 5, 2022 at 8 pm at the Kolašin Cultural Center.
The organizer of the festival is the Kolasin Cultural Center, under the auspices of the Kolasin Municipality.


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