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The 6th International Cartoon Contest Kolasin-Montenegro 2021

The 6th International Cartoon Contest Kolasin-Montenegro 2021 Deadline: July 20, 2021

Theme: Courage, Bravery, and FREE theme

Dear colleagues,
I would like to inform you that Cartoon festival "Kolagin 2021" has announced The 6th International Cartoon Contest. Rules: CONTEST THEME:
Courage, Bravery, and FREE theme.
The participants can send a maximum of 3 works per one theme to compete (six works in total).
There must be full name and country of the author, and number of the works on each work. For example: JOHN SMITH USA 1, JOHN SMITH USA 2 ...
The theme of this year's festival is "courage, bravery." Man is an imperfect being and lives with fears. Can a man be free and just if he does not have the courage? Can he achieve his goals if he is not brave? Is courage madness or the strength of man? Man is surrounded by various dangers, trials, torments, diseases, wars, violence and injustices... Can a man overcome all this if he does not have the courage? Does courage make him stronger and more just? In the end, can a man be an upright, proud, free and conscious being if he does not have the courage?

Artists from all over the world will respond to this given topic through cartoon and strong messages.
The best works will travel the world and send a message around the planet.
We will award the best works with the First, Second and Third prizes, which will be in cash and in the form of trophies and diplomas. We will also award seven special prizes - diplomas.

There is a prejudice about TECHNIQUE AND SIZE :
Free All entries must be send on the post address :
Centar za kulturu Kolasin 81210,Cma Gora-Montenegro
—/za medjunarodni festival karikature/|

Email : festivalkarikature@opstinakolasin.me

FIRST PRIZE: 500 Euro, Diploma
SECOND PRIZE: 300 Euro, Diploma
THIRD PRIZE: 200 Euro, Diploma
Seven special prizes —Honorable mention of the salon.

DEADLINE: july 20, 2021.
The international jury will choose the cartoons.
The cartoons are to be send to the address:
By post :
Centar za kulturu Kolasin 81210, Crna Gora -Montenegro ,za medjunarodni festival karikature
Email : festivalkarikature@opstinakolasin.me

of the jury will be published on the july 22, on all cartoon websites.
Winners will be officially announced and will take place in the Cultural Center in Kolagin.
Award ceremony will be on August, 5th 2021, at 20h in the Cultural center Kolasin.
Festival organizer: JU Culture center Kolasin and Darko Drljevic , free artist .
General sponsor : Municipality Kolagin

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