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International Exhibition of Graphic Humor and Caricature ENDPOLIONOW 2

International Exhibition of Graphic Humor and Caricature ENDPOLIONOW 2 Deadline: Oct. 16, 2021

Theme: Dr. Carlos Canseco,Cartoon:A world with Polio


Polio is a highly infectious disease that generally affects children under the age of five. Better known as poliovirus, the polio virus is spread from person to person, usually through contaminated water. The disease attacks the nervous system and, in some cases, causes paralysis. While there is no cure for the disease, we do have a safe and effective vaccine that Rotary and its partners have used to vaccinate 2.5 billion children around the world.

Why should we care about polio? Unless we eradicate polio, there could be as many as 200,000 cases a year worldwide within ten years. The disease is only endemic in two countries, but unless we vaccinate all children, none will be safe from the virus. Ending disease takes enormous effort, and neither Rotary nor its partners can do it alone.

END POLIO DRAW (EPD) is an international exhibition of graphic humor and caricature that began in 2020 as an initiative of the Rotary Club Cali San Fernando (Colombia) as part of its activities in the international campaign END POLIO NOW (Let's put an end to Polio) , where through these works by artists from around the world, they gave us their point of view of what the fight to eradicate polio is and has been, with the aim of making people aware of the disease and of the fight that has been fought against it, being also a means of support and diffusion of artists from all over the world.


Fissionomic Cartoon: Tribute to Dr. Carlos Canseco

Dr. Carlos Canseco (Tampico, Mexico, March 17, 1921 - Monterrey, Mexico, January 14, 2009) was a prominent Mexican doctor recognized by the Pan American Health Organization as one of the eleven people who most influenced public health of the American continent during 20th century.

Canseco González was born on March 17, 1921 in Tampico, he died on January 14, 2009 in the City of Monterrey, Nuevo León. He graduated as a Midwifery Surgeon from the Autonomous University of Mexico (now UNAM) and later specialized in allergology at the Northwestern University of the United States (Northwestern University) and in clinical immunology at the University of Pittsburgh.

In 1949 he created the first chair of allergology at the University of Nuevo León (now UANL) and the following year he headed the board of trustees for the construction of the Children's Hospital in the state capital. In 1950 he founded the Monterrey Soccer Club together with several local businessmen and joined the Rotary Club, which he would end up presiding worldwide 34 years later and from which he would launch an international campaign to immunize all the world's children against polio. Two years earlier (1982) he had collaborated with Albert Sabin in the development of an aerosol vaccine against measles.




2. Graphic Humor : A World with Polio What would the world be like if Polio is not eradicated?



Call open to all public.

There will be 2 categories, Physiognomic Cartoon and Graphic Humor. Works that are not related to this year's themes or that their message is discriminatory and / or violent will not be accepted.

There is a limit of 2 works for each participant per category , and you can participate in one or both categories.

The works presented must be made from original ideas, be they drawn or painted in black and white or full color, with digital or similar techniques (which must be scanned by the artist). Memes, photographs, scanned photocopies, photomontages, collage, 3D render, sculptures, etc. will not be accepted.

You can participate with works that have already been published or awarded previously, as long as the authors own the rights to the works.

To participate in the call, the artist must send their work (s) through our  Google Form  and complete the form with their contact information, category to participate, title and a brief description of each work submitted.

The works must conform to the parameters A3 or A4 in JPG 300 dpi format and when sending the file, it must be named as follows: Capital letter, first letter of your name, space, capital letter, first letter of your last name, space and In parentheses, the name of the country for which you have decided to participate ( Example: Karen Apolo (Colombia) ) and provide the title and a brief description of each work on the form.

Deadline for receipt of works: October 15, 2021



The submitted works will have two selection stages, the first by the END POLIO DRAW organizers and the second by a jury chosen by the event organizers.

The list of the authors of the works selected in the first stage will be published on the website and social networks of the rotarycalisanfernando.org. These works will be part of the virtual exhibition, in the 2nd version of the END POLIO NOW digital catalog, they will receive by email the certificate of participation in the exhibition and will go on to the second stage of selection.

In the second stage of selection carried out by the jury chosen by the organizers of the event, they will select 10 works from each category, which will be printed and exhibited in the first physical exhibition of END POLIOP DRAW that will take place on October 24 , 2021 in the city of Cali, on the international day of polio eradication, END POLIO NOW and they will receive the certificate in the first physical sample of END POLIO DRAW . The list of authors of the selected works will be published on the website and social networks of the organizers.

Of the 10 works selected for the physical exhibition, the jury will choose two works for each category whose authors will receive an honorable mention and a special publication about them on the organizers' website.



The END POLIO DRAW call is not a cartoon and graphic humor contest, therefore there will be no cash or spice prizes. The call has a selection process in order to maintain the quality of the message which we want to spread.

In order to encourage and recognize the talent of authors who participate in the call, the organizers will appoint the appropriate judges to select the works that will be part of the first END POLIO DRAW physical exhibition and will select 2 works from each category for mention of honor and a special post about them on the organizers' website.

The judges will have their space for the virtual and physical exhibition of END POLIO DRAW , but they will not be eligible for honorable mention.

Participation in the call implies full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions. If there is any doubt or concern with the regulation, please send an email to : clubrotario.calisanfernando@gmail.com

Important dates:

Deadline for submission of works: October 15, 2021

List of selected virtual exhibition: October 18 October

List of selected physical exhibition: October 20 October

END POLIO DRAW 2 Launch: October 24, 2021az





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