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GRAND PRIX FOR CARTOON “MÁLAGA GRENET”- Peru 2023 Deadline: May 8, 2023

Theme: physiognomy caricature of Pablo Picasso


The “Grand Caricature Award Malaga Grenet 2023” is organized by Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (CCPNA) and SPONSORED by “Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde” under the auspices of “Universidad Católica Santa María” and “Grupo Roberts” and the support of “Layconsa“.



1. Any profesional artist or enthusiasts of legal age from around the world is eligible to participate.



2. The theme´s contest is a physiognomy caricature of Pablo Picasso.



3. Participants can submit up to two artworks as long as they have not been awarded in other contests before.

4. Artworks can be painted using any painting technique within a set format A-3 size (210 mm x 297 mm).

5. Artworks can be accepted only if they are sent to the following e-mail:


6. When sending the e-mail, it should contain, along with the artworks, the following: Registration form with the author´s first and last names , address, phone number, a brief bio data, and an author´s picture and that could be downloaded from the web.

7. The artwork and the picture can be sent in a JPG 300 ppp in high resolution so that it can be used to announce and promote the event.



8. The deadline for submitting the artworks is May 8, 2023.

9. The organizing committee will publish a list with all the artworks received so that the authors can see them entering the final evaluation process.



10. The winning artwork will be awarded with:

$ 1000

A statuette of the great master julio Malaga Grenet, made by the Peruvian artist Alonso Núñez Rebaza.

Certificate of Recognition

A trip to Arequipa – Peru for the winner, two-night stay and food to attend the award ceremony which will be held on Wednesday, June 14, 2023.



11. The jury is made up of five renowed people with well-known trajectory:

Javier Rodriguez (Cultural Director and Library at CCPNA)

Ricardo Cordova (Artist)

Claudia Cuzzi (Artist)

Jimena Diaz Zapater (Educator)

Omar Zevallos (Artist)


12.The decisión shall be final and not subject to appeal.

13.The final decisión from the jury will be communicated to the winner via e-mail and it will be published on the website, Facebook and Instagram from the Organizing committee.

14. The winner should deliver the original artwork when arriving in Arequipa or send it very well protected via certified mail to the Organizing Committee (If the winner can not attend in person to receive the prize).

15.In case the artwork has been made in full or in part with digital tools, a signed copy in high resolution should be sent to:

Gran Premio de caricatura Julio Málaga Grenet

Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano

Calle Melgar 109, Arequipa, PERÚ



16.The selected artworks – up to 50 and chosen by the jury- will be exhibited in the CCPNA art gallery.

17.The electronic versión of the artworks can be visited in our virtual gallery; a digital catalog will be sent to the selected participants.

18.The participant artists will be sent a digital certificate.

19. The organizing Committee reserves the right to spread and reproduce the winning artwork as well as the other selected artworks, without written authorization from the authors, and without incurring any obligation whatsoever with the artist.

20.Participation in the contest implies the acceptance withy any reservation of the above mentioned requirements. Any question or doubt shall be answered by the jury.


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