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Galway Cartoon Festival-Ireland 2023

Galway Cartoon Festival-Ireland 2023 Deadline: Aug. 20, 2023

Theme: Artificial Idiocy , General Mayhem,Draw It In Irish

Submissions are now open for the 2023 Galway Cartoon Festival.
This year we have three separate shows that are open to public submissions.
Feel free to send stuff in to any or all of them:
Artificial Idiocy
Are You Ready To Be Replaced!?
This could be the last Galway Cartoon Festival, folks. Soon they won’t need us any more. Just tell a computer what makes you laugh and it will turn out side-splitting gag after gag, all beautifully drawn in its own inimitable style.
Well, someone’s inimitable style.
What do you think – is Artificial Intelligence a useful tool and amusing toy? Or will it murder us all and boil down our corpses for useful minerals? It could go either way. Give us your artistic reaction to the rise of the machine.
While you can.
General Mayhem
Wait, you’re not concerned about humanity’s harrowing future? You have something to say about humanity’s harrowing present instead? Good on you. Or perhaps there’s a simple but hilarious gag cartoon or a comic strip you’d like to show.
No problem. We’ll also be doing a show about everything except AI. As is tradition, we call it General Mayhem.

Tarraing É I nGaeilge
Which is Irish for “Draw It In Irish“, and is our show specifically for cartoons in that language – the only one of its kind!

Works selected for Tarraing é i nGaeilge will be exhibited both in Galway City and on Inis Óirr in the Aran Islands.
The Terms and the Conditions
– All our exhibitions are open to submissions from anyone, anywhere.
– They should be sent, as 300 dpi, jpegs, to: info@galwaycartoons.ie
– Please include a little biographical information.
– Selected cartoons will be printed and framed by the Galway Cartoon Festival and offered for sale.
– The Galway Cartoon Festival is a voluntary organisation promoting the art of cartoon and any sales will be put into meeting the costs of running this year’s festival.
– Submitted cartoons may be used in publicity materials for the festival.
They will be credited to the artist.
Submission deadline: 20 /8/2023
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