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China Rabbit Zodiac Art Exhibition-2023

China Rabbit Zodiac Art Exhibition-2023 Deadline: Dec. 10, 2022

Theme: China Rabbit Zodiac

The zodiac is a unique traditional cultural symbol of China and an emotional and cultural bond that maintains the Chinese nation. 2023 is the Year of Kuimao Rabbit in the lunar calendar. In order to gather artists at home and abroad to interpret the zodiac culture with their own artistic techniques and jointly create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere in Kuimao New Year, we will also strive to release a number of excellent works that carry forward excellent cultural traditions, lead the fashion of The Times and highlight the spirit of The Times, so as to strengthen cultural confidence and self-improvement. Shanghai Artists Association, Shanghai Animation and Cartoon Association and Shanghai Library will jointly hold the "2023 China Rabbit Zodiac Art Exhibition". We invite the world outstanding artists to participate in the exhibition:


China Rabbit Zodiac


December 10, 2022


Plaease send digital artworks to: 



01 Content of Works

· Exhibition works must be unique in ideology, artistry and sense of The Times, with distinct themes and strong appeal, with creative elements such as exaggeration, humor, happiness, teasing and fun, and full of individuality and creativity.

02 Category of Works

· There are no restrictions on the types of works (including painting, animation, cartoon, sculpture, installation, handwork, digital art, trend art, etc.). Only 2 submissions per person (including cooperation), multiple submissions (repeat submissions) will not be accepted.

Application size and relevant requirements:

· Paintings shall be mounted and framed, and the size of the framed works shall be no less than 60cm×60cm and no more than 200cm×200cm.

· The maximum side size of the sculpture is less than 200cm, the weight is less than 150kg, and the material is hard and not breakable.

· The space area of interactive installation and experimental art should not exceed 8 square meters in principle.

· Video works shall be converted into MP4 format, with original resolution no less than 1920px×1080px. The information of the author and relevant units shall not appear in the work, and the watermark shall not appear in the picture, otherwise it will be deemed invalid. The total size of the above files should not exceed 2GB.

· Painting works can be framed by the author himself, and the information of the work should be pasted on the back of the work. The outer packaging should be provided to avoid damage to the picture. The packaging should be firm, easy to damage and easy to transport.

· Homemade packing boxes for sculpture works shall be strong and easy to handle, and each box board shall be connected with bolts, which can be used twice.

· Authors should insure the delivery and transportation of their works.


01 Review

· The channel for submission of works will be opened on October 30, 2022. The email address for submission is freecartoons@126.com. The email address is for submission only.

· Please indicate the email file name: "Rabbit Zodiac + author's name"

· Submission information: author's name (subject to author's ID card) + ID card number + name of exhibition work + size of work (height cm× width cm) + contact address + postcode + contact phone number.

· The exhibition works should be sent as attachments, the file format is JPG, the pictures should be no less than 2M and no more than 10M, the resolution is 300dpi, the color mode is RGB.

· Please do not send the original manuscript for the first review. Submissions will not be returned.

· Preliminary results will be announced on December 20, 2022.

02 Work Delivery

· Selected authors should send their original works to participate in the exhibition before December 30, 2022 after receiving the notice. Digital paintings please send HD electronic file. The specific method will be notified later.

· Authors who are not shortlisted in the first assessment will not be notified.

· The selected authors will be awarded a certificate of participation and a album of the exhibition.

· Selected authors of this art exhibition will be eligible for admission by Shanghai Artists Association.



01 Exhibition Date

· January 12 - February 19, 2023

02 Exhibition Venue

· East Building of Shanghai Library




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