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11th Salon Medplan of Humor Cartoon Contest-Brazil

11th Salon Medplan of Humor Cartoon Contest-Brazil Deadline: June 18, 2019

Theme: Take a selfie

11° Salão Medplan de Humor Brazil
Theme: Take a selfie
Deadline: 18 June 2019

Many spoons of vanity, smiles of presumption and cavalry doses of self-laughter. Ready! It is with this infallible recipe that we launched the 11th Medplan Hall of Humor . The theme of this issue is Narcissism. Now it is liberated to spend hours in front of a mirror, or water fountain, like the Greek Narcissus, to seek reflections of inspirations for the works.

But what is this? Narcissism? What? In ancient Greece, it was considered arrogance. Freud, the king of Psychoanalysis, in explaining narcissism, stated that love appears in the one who most resembles himself. In the background, it may even be self-love, but in the shallow is pure and new personal marketing.

The 11th Medplan Salon of Humor , which has an international opening, comes with the proposal to make the art laugh, of itself and the other, with much adoration, selfies, likes and followers. Registration begins on April 2 and runs until June 18, 2019. The contest is open to all graphic artists, who can register works of their own that have not been awarded until the closing date of the entries, in the cartoon and / or cartoon modes, cartoon and comic strips.

Each artist can register with a maximum of 5 (five) works in the format 30X40 cm and using any technique in the three categories: cartum / cartoon, caricature and comic strips. And of course, we will crown the most beautiful reflection of you, with the following awards:

First place (charge / cartum): R $ 5,000.00 (five thousand reais) 
Second place (charge / cartum): R $ 3,000.00 ) 
Medplan Caricature Prize: R $ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais). Free theme 
Medplan Prize of Comics / strips: R $ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais) for who makes the best comic / comic strip. Free theme. 
Internet Premium: R $ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais).

Paras the children we have the II Medplan Hall of Humor, aged between 6 and 12 years. This year's theme is: MY PREFERRED JOKE. Interested parties may submit up to three unpublished works in a maximum format of 30 x 40 cm; in any technique and developed in the languages of the cartoon, cartoon, caricature or HQ / strips. The prize for the best drawing will be R $ 600,00 and R $ 400,00 for the second place.


As always, but this time with a bit of affectation, the best works will be part of the itinerant exhibition of the 11th Medplan Hall of Humor , which will take place at Teresina Shopping on July 27. 
More information below, in the official regulation of the 11th Medplan Hall of Humor.



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