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Mouafaq Farzat passed away

Mouafaq Farzat passed away

Syrian Cartoonist Mouafaq Farzat passed away

Mouafaq Farzat, was born in 1950 in the city of Hama, in Syria,
since l989 has cartoon and the illustration as its main occupations.
He participated in sets of ten of competitions of Mood, having received some prize national and international.

He was born in Hama, Syria, in 1950. Plastic artist and cartoonist. Member of the Syndicate of Fine Arts in Syria. Member of the Arab Plastic Artists Union. Member of the Kuwaiti Journalists Association. Honorary member of the Yemeni Journalists Union. Founding member of the Raqqa Film Club. He participated in local, Arab and international exhibitions.

He participated in the second Syria International Caricature Contest in 2006 AD (entitled: Theater), the third in 2007 (titled: Pens),
and the fourth in 2008 (titled: Culture) and received a certificate of appreciation in each competition.
He published many of his drawings in the Syrian newspaper (Tishreen).
He has many contributions in the field of writing art criticism in many Arab magazines and newspapers.
Implemented drawings of children's stories in several Arab magazines, the most important of which is the Kuwaiti magazine (Al-Arabi Al-Sagheer).
He worked as a cartoonist for the Yemeni newspaper Al-Thawrah for three years during the years 1989 - 1990 - 1991.
He worked as a painter in the Kuwaiti economic and weekly Al-Moasher newspaper.
He worked as an illustrator for the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Hawadat Network and the Kuwaiti Mirror of the Nation magazine.
He worked as an illustrator for Samra magazine.
His caricatures were published in the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan for three years (2005-2008).
He worked as a press director in the Dar Al-Watan newspaper for the press, printing and publishing since 1993.

irancartoon site: “He is a great loss to all the people who know him. May his soul rest in peace.”


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