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Dedete | Article by Jape in Dedete -Cuba

Dedete | Article by Jape in Dedete -Cuba

Accompanied by a cartoon of Adam, as has been customary, I propose my text this Sunday in dedeté.

The war of the phone


One hundred and forty-five years have not been enough to enlighten a war that, fortunately, has not led to deaths or tragedies. I talk about the invention of the phone, patented in 1876, almost unison, by Elusa Gray and Alexander Graham Bell.

Also Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous writer, could be involved in this situation, as several investigators assume, the first words spoken via telephone were: ′′ Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you ". But no, the call was not directed at Dr. John Watson, Det. Sherlock Holmes's inseparable friend, but Thomas Watson, Alexander Graham Bell's assistant, who was in the adjoining room, on the other side of the earphone, I mean, if you could already call earphone, the rising invention.

More ′′ novelty ′′ may be considered than other scholars assume as first string of words transmitted via telephone: ′′ The horse does not eat cucumber salad ", said by German (German, of course) Johann Philipp Reis, who was the one really gave the invention a name. I mean, Philipp, he wasn't good or very clear in his primary communication phrase, but he was the one who called this device that was never perfected in his hands.

From that distant date of 1876 to today, there have been multiple references raised, even before international courts, disputed over phone parenthood. In June 2002, a group led by Italian-American Congressman Vito Fossella, of the US House of Representatives, approved the so-called Resolution 269 that recognizes Antonio Meucci, Florentine migrated to New York, as the legitimate creator of the named artifact, as the sustained Italian inventor presented a patent warning about a device called teletrophone in 1871. Congressman Vito enuncia in his resolution: ′′ If Meucci could have paid the ten dollars to keep the warning after 1874 , Bell would not have been granted patent ". Once again it is proven that unfortunately ten dollars can make a difference.

The truth is that whatever the inventor was, the phone has been one of the most colossal tools created by man, to such an extent that both men and women can use it on par. I said on par, at no point did I even imply that women don't take off the phone. In this war I am inclined to think that like other great inventions, everyone put some of their talent to slowly reach mobile or cell phone, the slightest expression (in terms of size), of that gigantic achievement that makes communications possible.

Now that you know part of the controversial story of the phone, I ask you to give appropriate use and do not add to those who, without recounting or mischief or respect, use it to say or write down the most unsuspecting vulgarities. Don't fuel the fire of this endless and absurd war.

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