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Awards Ceremony World Press Cartoon

Awards Ceremony World Press Cartoon

World Press Cartoon - CONTEST 2021 

Caldas da Rainha - PORTUGAL

Prize Awards Ceremony

2021 July 17

Av. Ressano Gracia Nº 36 1-Dtº 1070-237 Lisboa - Portugal



WORLD PRESS CARTOON will organize in 2021 the 16th edition and continues to hold its main event in in Portugal, at Caldas da Rainha municipality. To distinguish, exhibit, promote and award the best drawings published in the world press is still our mission.

Caricatures, editorial and gag cartoons that will make a retrospective view of the world’s current affairs in 2020, views from different cultures, drawings where the cartoonists picture and criticize the ways of the world with humour and a sharp eye.

Admitting works produced for professional publications in print or online, the high quality standards are the hallmark of this organization, with an attractive structure of monetary prizes and a Grand Prize of 10,000 euros.

Almost a thousand works arrived at our headquarters, coming from all parts of the world. As always, the task of the Jury will be very difficult: a large number of works from different cultures and an increasing quality. Usually, the jury meets at the end of February, in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. The restrictions imposed under the control of the pandemic forced the organization to postpone the Jury meeting. It will take place as soon as these restrictions are lifted.

Keep in touch for news here and in social networks.

To all who are participating, thank you very much!

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