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Gallery Of Drawings By Abbas Godarzi - Iran
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Abbas Goudarzi
Born in 1978 Boroujerd
Graduated in Painting and Visual Arts from Kerman Shahid Bahonar Art University2003
Starting Artistic Activities from 1993 in Khaje Nasir Tousi Borojerd Artistic Center in Graphic
Activity in Caricature from 1999 in Cartoon House of Kerman
He organized lots of Exhibitions in Kerman, Kish, Iranian House of Cartoon, Tehran, Boroujerd
He won many prizes such as: 
First Prize in Young Cartoon Contest- Kerman Province 2001
First Prize in the 1st Student Art and Culture Contest of Iran's South East 2002
First Prize in the National Contest of Value Web Loggers 2010
First Prize in National Contest of Ammar in Caricature Section 2011
First Prize in National Basirat Contest as the most active Political Cartoonist 2011
Winner of the Best Prize in Artistic Contest of " Presence Response of Sanction" 2011
Teaching Design and Caricature in Kerman Guidance Office 2000,Kerman Shahid Bahonar University 2001
,Kerman Art University 2002
Teaching Art Practical Lessons in Free Artistic Centers of Borojerd 2005 
Cooperation with Kerman and Boroujerd Newspapers in 2003 , 2004
Art Expert of Cultural Shahid Beheshti University 2007
Art Director of Toranj Cultural Journal Shahid Beheshti University 2007
Cooperation with Jame Jam, Javan, Fars News Agency and Nasim Online in Caricature and Illustration from 2007, 2011
Art Director of Farashahr Publication, Tehran Municipality 2008
Graphic Designer of Cultural Department of Ministry of Science 2008
Talkhand ( Bitter Laugh) book ( Political Caricature Collection by Subject Seduction of 88 ) Emad Publication 2010
Illustration of 6 Children Books by Educational Subjects, Jame Jam Publication 2012 
Mantegholteir Book ( Political Caricature Collection by Anti - Semantic Subject )

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