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Results Of The 1st Global Cartoon Festival On Safe Community-Iran 2017
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Cartoon in today's world is a common language that or people around the world talk to this language or if they can't talk to this language they can understand it.
In this common language each cartoonist has his own special accent. If you see cartoons regularly, by seeing a cartoon you can recognize it's cartoonist. This is the property of cartoon.
Fortunately Iranian powerful artists has found their own style and accent that distinguishes our cartoon in the world, at the same time due to the importance of this power, we are witnessing big events not only in Iran, but also in other world countries.
Many contests organizes around the world that presence of Iranian artists gives more credibility to these artistic events, for instance some of great world festivals publish their announcement in their own language, English and also in Persian.
Cartoon for being an international language and also because of it's humor has gained much popularity between world people. Fortunately organizers of " World Summit on Safe Community" by understanding and knowing this global phenomenon, has created a field for organizing the 1st International Cartoon Competition by title of " Safe Community".
The subjects that has been considered in this competition were the problems that all the people who live in big cities are involved to. Themes such as: Safety and Transportation within the city, Environment Health and Safe Community, Safety in Urban Places, Safety and Municipality Services, Urban Design and Urban Safe Design ,... These are common themes that has been considered in the announcement of this competition. " How do you imagine unsafe cities in the future?"
Fortunately this theme was welcomed by artists from 42 world countries, despite of time shortage more than 900 artworks has been send to the secretariat of the competition. Great presence of world artists, specially famous artists in this field gave a good credibility to this festival. The important point about this International Competition was presence of great number of Holy Mashhad artists. Artists that has won many prizes in different national and international competitions.
Jury members of this competition were: Mr, Alireza Pakdel and Mohsen Asadi Mashhad artists and Abbas Naseri artist from Bojnord, and the judgement was carried out in two phases.
In the first judgement the best artworks of this competition has been selected and announced in professional Irancartoon website. This was an important fact, because the artworks were in the sight of artists and specialists of this field. In fact lots of people were able to see these artworks and help jurors to recognize the inevitable similarity in artworks with the other contests and after that by discuss and debate the second phase has been occurred and the winners were announced in the final judgement.
In fact cartoon has a popular place in the societies, we hope that artistic works of this competition by consideration of responsible of this conference and cooperation of relevant Institutions and organizations will be displayed in common places, specially in urban propaganda . At the same time the exhibition of these artworks will be displayed in Holy Mashhad, Tehran and other cities and even beyond the borders of Iran.
Once again we appreciate the sincere attention of responsible of this conference for organizing this great artistic event.

Massoud Shojai Tabatabai
Secretary General of the 1st International Cartoon Festival of " Safe Community"


1-First Prize-Doru Axinte-Romania

2-Second prize-Iran-Sajad Rafeei

Third Prize-1-Turkey-Omer Cam

Third Prize-2-Armen Hamonangan

Honorable Mentions and money prizes:

Mahmood Nazari-Iran

Tayebe Khalili Mehr -Iran

Abolghasem Tahanian -Iran

Three Honorable mention:

Borislav stancovic -Serbia

Kaan Saatci -Turkey

Valery Momot -Ukraine

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