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Interview With Mahmood Azadnia-Iran/By Irancartoon
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Your biography in 3 lines?
My father is a painter. I was born in Mashad but I'm originally from Ghochan. I've started painting from 1990 and started caricature from 1965 by help of Mohsen Asadi in Hoze Honari.
Why did you choose caritoon?
Because caricature in comparison to other visual arts makes relation with the viewer and creates the project.
Tell us about your caritoon?
Because of being a painter I used color, structure and form elements in my caricatures and at first I try to make relation with viewer first by sight and aesthetic and then by the artwork and in the second stage I pay attention to the subject.
How much time do you pay for performing your artworks?
3 to 5 hours.
In your opinion who is the best Iranian and foreign cartoonist?
Quino and Kambiz Derambakhsh.
What was your best artwork?
It is not received yet. and I hope it will not come soon.
What was the best artwork you've seen?
one of the works of deceased Caloi
that shows an old woman that is sweeping sun lights that has stroked on her house wall and ground. And in the last frame we see that at night that garbage man opens the garbage can the light shines out of it.
Do you work on what project now?
I'm doing a painting and also a new cartoon collection.
What's your idea about inevitable similarities?
It's an inartistic way of creating artworks.
How do you find your projects?
If a subject come in to my mind I research about it and try to understand it in different angles. I think that subjects are a way for improving our perspective, then little by little subjects come in to paper...
What's your technique?
I worked with color and oil color before but now I use acrylic and digital painting.
In caricature what's more important for you, exaggeration of the face or showing the inner characteristic?
Showing inner characteristic is more important for me.
What are the specialties of a good caricature?
Having brevity and resolving by completely obvious in the artwork.
What would you do if you were not a cartoonist?
I think I'd become an entomologist.
If you had an eraser and you could erase one of your characteristic which one would you erase?
I'm selfish... I'd sell eraser and buy a hat.
What was your first prize?
It was in Mashad Paradise City Contest 2007.
A prize that you hoped to win but you didn't?
I don't remember now... but I love to win noble prize in literature.
What was your best memory from cartoon world?
If we separate the bad one all others are good.
Describe Mahmmod Azadnia in one sentence?
Runner of Maratune.
How can become Mahmood Azadnia?
By working 18 hours useful work each day for 15 years and laughing a lot.
What's the similarity between your life with cartoon?
I love to show the ways, not to criticize or grumble.
What do you wish in cartoon world?
Take a selfie photo that Massoud Shojai Tabatabai, Rahim Baghal Ashghari, Kambiz Derambakhsh, Javad Alizadeh, Bahman Abdi, Hamid Bahrami, Hadi Heydari, Ali Derakhshi, Ali Divandari, Shahrokh Heydari, Bahram Azimi, Mohsen Asadi, Kiarash Zandi, Mohsen Nori Najafi, Hossein Safi, Hossein Niroumand and my friends from other province be in it.
What do you like to be the subject of your last work?
What's your idea about:
Bahrm Azimi: Economy
Kambiz Derambakhsh: Myth
Iran Cartoon: Movement
Alireza Pakdel: Red Bull
Mohsen Asadi: Permanent
Photoshop: Addiction
Color Pallet: Sea
Magic: Father
What would you ask yourself if you were me?
Where's your place Mahmood?
Have you ever seen a project in your dream?
Yes many times.
The last world
Take care of your kindness.

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