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Gallery Of Drawings By William Wu - China
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William Wu - China
My formal work is a graphic and digital media designer.
I was born in Shanghai, China in 1963.
Luckily, Shanghai was a fairly good city in China at that time.
I began to paint pictures as early as 3-4 years old.
My mother thought that I could only calm down when I was painting, otherwise, I would make troubles outside.
In the primary school, I learnt to draw Chinese paintings for a short period.
After graduation from middle school, I was admitted to the Advertisement and Decoration Major of a business college in Shanghai, where I received the training in the fundamental painting courses.
Shanghai Institute of Technology
The Oil painting "The Escape" was selected as the FIGURES 2017 9th Painting and Sculpture Contest
The pastel artwork "Grandfather" was awarded a Certificate of Excellence award of 19th Annual International Portrait Competition

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