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Gallery Of Drawings By Nico Delort - France
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Nico Delort - France
I am a French illustrator working in Paris, France.
My medium of choice is scratchboard.
If you have any questions about my work or want to interview, please check my asks on tumblr first.
My clients include: Blizzard Ent. - Games Workshop/The Black Library - Quirk Books - - Solaris Books - Lucasfilm - Penguin Books - Mondo -
I have won two Gold Medals from the New York Society of Illustrators (2013 and 2014) and a Gold Award from Spectrum (2014)and have been featured in annuals.
I have also been featured on Juxtapoz, Supersonic Electronic and This is Colossal.
Nicolas Delort is an illustrator currently living in the grey suburbs of Paris.
Gathering inspiration in the daily and mundane as well as books and any kind of narrative medium, Nicolas endeavours to tell stories, big and small, by working on strong, evocative and intricate black and white compositions.
Available for all sorts of freelance jobs.

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