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Gallery Of Cartoons By Klaus Pitter - Austria
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Klaus Pitter - Austria
Klaus Pitter is an austrian cartoonist and illustrator.
He was born in 1947 in Timelkam, Upper Austria.
He attended professor Herberth's class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and holds a master's degree in graphic design.
He contributed to different magazines like Günther Nennings "Neues Forvm", "Pardon", "Konkret", und "päd.extra".
He created several comic books and illustrated the "Umweltspürnasen" series, as well as many factual books, humorous books and language books.
Drawings were published in "Eltern", "trend", "kurier" and "kraut & rüben".
He was responsible for the graphic design of the childrens magazine "Wunderwelt".
Cartoons are published in the magazine "konsument" on a regular basis, and on a less regular basis in "Weltgewissen", the magazine of the Europahouse Burgenland.
Solo exhibitions were held amongst others in:
Vienna (Austria), Salzburg (Austria), Duisburg (Germany), Saarbrücken (Germany), Passau (Germany) and Marl (Germany).
Klaus Pitter is a member of the association of fine artists of Styria, Austria.
He held comic workshops at the Märtplatz in Switzerland and the "Comic Workshop For Kids" in Vienna, Austria.

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