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Gallery Of Cartoons By Farhad Forotanian - Iran
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Farhad Forotanian - Iran
Farhad is half Dutch, half Iranian and was born in 1957 in Tehran.
He educated from the Academy of fine Arts of Tehran in 1979 and is since 1977 as a cartoonist & Illustrator.
He immigrated to Holland in 1986 and works as a freelancer since 1988 with different Dutch publishers such as: Rotterdams Dagblad, Algemeen Dagblad, Vice Versa, Vrij Nederland etc.
Farhad also works for newspapers, magazines and websites in different countries such as: Nebelspalter (Switzerland), La Voce (Italy), Shargh newspaper (Iran) Seven magazine (Iran), Don Quichotte (Germany)
He participated in 43 INTERNATIONAL CARTOON EXHIBITIONS such as:
Yumiory shimbon, Japan
World pres cartoons, Portugal
Satiricon, Poland
Huriat vaghfi, Turky
Nasredin Hodja, Turky
Biannual of Tehran, Iran
More than 35 SOLO and 40 GROUP EXPOSITIONS in different countries such as:
“Berlin underground” exposition (2008), Prince Claus Foundation, The Hage (2006), Gallery Aria, Tehran (2006), RIDEP-France 2005, Best Dutch Visual Art of 2005, The Hage.
Best Benelux cartoons 2004, Belgium, House of cartoons, Tehran (2003/2004). Gallery Gemeente, Zuid Holland (2003), Mystic world, Copenhagen-Denmark (2002). Musea di Risorgimento di Ferrara, Italy (2000).
”The best political cartoon of 2004", BENE/AWARD,
Belgium. Price for the best Visual Artwork of Emiglia/Romagna, Italy (1998). Price for the Best design for EK, Rotterdam (2000).
Member of different ARTISTS ASSOCIATIONS, for example:
Pers & prent Netherlands (Association of the Editorial Dutch Artist), FECO (Federation of European Cartoonist), AIDA (Association of international Defence for Artists)
Farhad is an adviser of the Awards for Visual Artists of “The Prince Claus Fundation” of The Netherlands.

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